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Posted by on 27 May 2009

It seems that Miss K is just growing by leaps and bounds lately.  She’s matured in so many ways and most of them, I can’t even describe.  I know that every family goes through this, but when you only have one, it’s extremely hard. 

I find that suddenly, she’s up to my shoulders in height.  I vaguely remember looking down at knee level!!  She’s always been more “girly” than me, but even that’s developing.  She likes to swing her hair around and if she knows she’s going to be around people, she must look good.  Me, I never cared and still don’t!!  Even though she’s getting that tween acne, she doesn’t care.  She’s got such a good attitude about everything that’s happening to her.  She doesn’t fight it and she doesn’t fret over it.

I threaten often that I’m going to stack bricks on her head, but she just laughs at me.  She insists that one day, she’ll be taller than mom!!  I keep telling her to dream on.  I sort of remember growing at the same pace as her.  The summer after 6th grade, that all ended.  I started 7th grade at 5′ and I’m still there!!  I don’t expect things to be much different for her.  She constantly snaps and pops.  Once in a while, she complains that this or that hurts for a day or 2 and then goes away.  I tell her it’s just growing pains and she goes bounding off again.

Yep, growing pains is just what this family is having.  The Man is feeling how much time he’s spent away from her.  The good part is that we were able to retire young and get a job where we know the hours and it’s stable.  They have a great time together and pick on each other constantly.  She talks often about the conversations that she has with my dad now.  She said when she was “little”, he’d just watch her play, but now, they sit around and just talk for long periods of time.  Each of us has our own special bond with her, but the reality is that we can all see her moving on….soon.

No, we’re not trying to get her out of the house.  Miss K is a totally awesome kid.  It’s just at that point where you see the maturity and independence and know that it’s not long down the road.  My dad’s biggest joke is that we’re going to have to teach her to drive.  (He laughs because that was an adventure with me and I had to learn in HOUSTON!!)  I’m just so glad that I homeschool her now.  I don’t miss a single thing because of it.  I get to watch her grow and change all the more. 

What an experience life is!!

3 Responses to Growing

  1. Cricket

    Hey there. I know what you mean. Mitchell is 6’2 now. Looking up to him is not fun.

    I am sure for your husband and daughter this catching up time has been very special and rewarding. As a family you have all made your sacrifices but in the end you remained a family.

    Sit and pat yourself on your back! You have done a great job as a mom, wife, and person.

  2. Debbie

    Mmmm, the hair tossing and having to look your best. Mmm hmm. Lots of hair tossing here too. LOL And some major duty crankys. Bring on the puberty!

  3. joelle Umandap

    I thought I had thanked you for the award but i could not find it so here we are. Thank you very much, that was very sweet of you.

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