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Some Gave All

Posted by on 25 May 2009

Today is the day we remember those that have given their lives for our country.  It’s the one time when the fallen soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines are recognized for what they do each and every day for us and our country.


This is a day that’s special to me….to our family. My dad served 6 years in the Air Force before my time. My husband served 20 years. We’ve never lost anyone close to us due to their service, but I know they were willing to do what they had to do. I think my chief complaint is that I hear it all the time now “they’re not protecting me”. Well, where do you think we’d be if they weren’t protecing you?? Everyday our military gives up their lives to protect and defend this country and the people. If it’s so easy, why aren’t those people asking that out on the front lines?? Goodness know that our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan can use some help. Ah yes, this is such a touchy subject for me.

I’m proud of what my dad did even though I wasn’t around. I have NO doubts that my husband is a hero. Time and again, he left us behind so that he could go do what he was called to do and he never complained. He sometimes had to watch his daughter grow up in pictures, but he never asked for anything in return. He never will ask for anything either, because it’s what he wanted to do….it’s who he was. And today as we celebrate Memorial Day, remember those that died protecting this great country did it because they wanted to and because they thought it was worth doing. Remember that the least you can do for all those past, present, and future men and women is to honor them on the one day that’s set aside for them.


Let us not forget that there are still men and women serving. They’re giving their lives whether YOU believe in it or not….THEY DO!! So honor them and remember why they do what they do. And if you ever begin to think they’re not doing it for you, just step in their boots and see for yourself if ONE day a year they shouldn’t be honored like the heroes that they are!!

THANK YOU, Honey for all you’ve done for your family and this country. I’m so very proud of you each and every day. I thank God that he always brought you home to us. It’s an honor to be married to a soldier and a hero. I love you!!


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  1. Debbie

    This patriotic chick thanks your hubby and father as well as the many other servicemen for their sacrifices for us.

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