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Posted by on 24 May 2009

I’ve just got to say that we’ve had a very relaxing weekend.  We slept in so late yesterday and it felt great.  I mean, ALL of us slept in too!!  It didn’t make the day go any faster and we really enjoyed our time together.

The Man got the lawn mowed before a small storm blew in.  Kiddo is swapping out all her seasonal clothes and I’m supposed to be doing the same thing.  I have such a huge “to do” list to do and it seems like when I mark something off, I add one, if not two more things to it.  We’re just enjoying the start of summer.  Soon, kiddo and I will be hitting the books for “summer school” so that we can work on science and social studies.  Have I ever mentioned how smart she is??  Man she loves this stuff and soaks it up like a sponge!!  I don’t care what anyone says, the best decision we made was to get her out of the schools and homeschool her.  Period!!

I do have a game to share tonight as well.  No, it’s not for Memorial Day, but I’m pretty proud of it.  This one is for approximately 2nd grade and has to do with habitats.  This one is “Which Habitat Is My Home?” and has some beautiful pictures with it.  It could be played as a file folder game (ffg) or used as mats.  Players sort the animal tokens into the correct habitat.  This could even be used for the Christian aspect of being “which habitat did God create for me?” type game.

Finally, tonight Lean Green and I watch Nights of Rodanthe and it was just so good.  Yes, it’s a chick flick and we don’t watch many of those.  This one really tugs on the heart strings during parts of it.  The end is  just…..OOHHHH….you’re going to have to watch it yourself!!  I recommend dim lights, a blankie and a glass of wine though.

With that, I’m off.  Ya’ll have a good one!!

2 Responses to Weekend

  1. annettepiper

    That sounds SO relaxing. I think I’ve forgotten what sleeping in is!

  2. Debbie

    Sounds like a good weekend!

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