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Weekend Mix

Posted by on 17 May 2009

It’s been an intereting weekend.  I can’t say it was extremely busy.  It was relaxing and we did have a few things to get done.

Saturday started with us all sleeping in.  I woke up about 10am and hubby woke up shortly after.  Kiddo woke up after 10:30 when my parents called.  We haven’t slept that late in ages and it felt great!!  We took it pretty easy all day and just did some chores around the house.  We didn’t get to any of the big tasks, but that’ll come.  We did watch “Marley and Me” today.  Excellent movie!!  If you love dogs at all, it’s a tear jerker at the end.  We also watched the All Star Race.  It was awesome!!  Kyle Busch was his typical jerk self.  One day, he’s going to hurt somebody, then NASCAR will have to control “wild thing”.  As it is, he does what he wants on the track and I doubt his car is ever inspected.  But, I won’t let that jerk ruin a good race.  I have to say we were all pretty happy in this house with the results!! 

We did hit Wal-Mart to buy our new “pet” a home.  I guess I haven’t really blogged about our newest addition.  The Man rescued a turtle from the middle of the main road close to our house.  He came home and said he just couldn’t let the poor thing get hurt.  Kiddo and I spent Friday trying to find out what kind it was and how hard it’d be to take care of it.  He’s some sort of box turtle.  Between asking a store and searching the internet, we decided on ornate, Louisiana, or Florida box turtle.  They all resemble the one hubby rescued.  I had to check on the laws here and it’s not illegal to have it, as long as it’s not hunted (or something like that).  Which, it definitely wasn’t.  We also found out that it loves the yellow lines on roads.  For now he’s ours and in 2 weeks we’re going to have to decide if we can care of him and not hurt his life by keeping him, or send him home with my parents when we see them.  He’s also native to their area and could make a home there and possibly find a mate.  They have the woods and the pond and all those acres to roam on.  I know deciding on that type of life or life in our aquarium isn’t much of a choice, but we really have gotten quite attached to him.  I make him a salad everyday to eat.  His favorite is strawberries, but he also likes spinach, apples, pears, turtle pellets, and carrots.  Tomorrow we’re going to try some hard boiled egg (with shell for calcium).  Oh and he’s an eater too!!  Here’s a picture of our newest family member addition….


Today was a fun bowling birthday party and then run a couple errands.  Miss K had a great time bowling again and she did pretty good.  She got to see her bff, so that made it all the better.  After that, it was home to fix the garage door.  The spring on the opposite that my dad fixed quite awhile ago finally broke.  I heard a loud thud-type noise the other night, but we couldn’t find where it came from.  When we went to raise the garage door today, we found what it was!!  Anyway, The Man fixed it right up.  Hopefully it’ll last as well as the repair on the other side.  We really don’t want the expense of a garage door anytime soon.  UGH  We still have a tree to cut down!!

Alright, I’m out!!  So what did you do this weekend??


6 Responses to Weekend Mix

  1. Renee

    Great Blog you have here 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Hello! It’s your long lost blogging buddy. Been out of the loop lately with everything going on with sis.

    I stayed home this weekend. Had a bout of vertigo on Friday and it is slowly easing up. I was NOT going to drive!! Darn allergies!

  3. Cascia @ Healthy Moms

    I love your cute turtle! We didn’t do a whole lot this past weekend. On Saturday I did my grocery shopping early in the morning before the crowds. Then paid my bills and hung out with the kiddies. On Sunday my husband cleaned the carpets so after mass the kids and I had to stay out of the house a few extra hours. I didn’t do much of anything else after we got home that afternoon.

  4. Cricket

    Oh, this is adorable. We have a pet tortoise that I am sure you remember reading about. Just don’t get a mate for this one. I am telling you!

    It appears you have been one busy busy busy mom. My life is still the same. Upside down most of the time.

    The children get out of school on Friday. I hope to have more blog time then. I have missed you Elaine.

  5. annettepiper

    How cute is he! My son would LOVE a turtle – we get them wandering around when we’ve had rain but haven’t tried to keep one yet.

  6. Debbie

    I forgot to tell you….hubby brought home a turtle one time from the river. What I observed is that they poop… alot. LOL

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