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Daily Archives: 7 May 2009

Creations to Share

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve shared any of my file folder games or other creations with my readers.  Sometimes, I just forget.  I send them through the groups or post them to my group and figure that I’m finished.  Then it hits me, I have others that need them too!!

So, right now I’m going to post a few file folder games (ffg) and a few other items that I’ve made in the past month or so.  This is by no means all of them, but it’ll give you all something to have some fun and learn with!!  Also, there’s no Christian ones in this bunch.  I’ll post those in a separate post on another day.  So, if you’re looking for my Christian ffg, stay tuned!!

First up is some of “The Backyardigans” games.  For those that don’t know, they’re cute characters from a tv show of the same name.  They love to use their imagination and travel to other places and times.  You can find a set of “The Backyardigans” Dominos complete with a storage box.  There’s also a ffg for “The Backyardigans” called The Backyardigans Count & Color in which players match color words to the color dots on the game board.  They can also match numbers or number words to those dots.

Next up is a simple early learning activity.  They’re Pizza Alphabet Match cards in which players match the upper case pizza with the lower case pizza slice.  I also have a couple other creations for the little ones and these relate to the book Flip Flap Fly! by Phyllis Root.  I was asked in my group to create something to go along with this cute little book.  So, first up is a mini coloring book that goes along with the story.  I included assembly directions.  There’s also a memory game complete with storage box.  There’s actually 2 versions and they can be played separate or together. 

I also have a ffg for older kids and this one uses Raggedy Ann and Andy.  And let’s face it, we all love them!!  HAHA  This ffg is Raggedy Ann & Andy Fact Families in which players use addition or subtraction to find the missing number in the fact family. 

Finally, I have a ffg for much older kids.  This one is all about science.  In fact, it’s called Mad Science:  The Periodic Table of the Elements.  Players will move around the board and draw tokens with element abbreviations on them.  They will have to identify the element by name, number, atomic weight or other method.  If correct, they keep that token.  The first player to reach the set number of tokens becomes the winner!!  I have to add with this one, be sure to download or refer to a periodic table of the elements to make sure answers are correct.  I was going to furnish one, but there’s such a wide variety of them available online that I decided to let everyone choose what they like best.

I hope you’ll find something that you like and enjoy among these shares.  If you do use something, please be sure to leave a comment and let me know how it worked for you or what caught your attention the most about that particular game or item. 

As always, please be sure to download EVERY page.  If you don’t, you won’t have the complete game or item the way it was meant to be.  For the life of me, I’ll never understand how I can have 100 downloads for the left side of the game board and only 89 for the right side.  You can’t play with half a game!!  I also find that the directions are rarely downloaded.  I guess it’s assumed that you can play any way you want, which I guess you can, but each creation I put much time and effort into so that it can be used a certain way properly.  Anyway, be sure to get ALL the pages!!


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