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Posted by on 6 May 2009

Tonight was our Appreciation Dinner for our religion class.  We all went to Golden Corral and were allowed to bring a guest.  All of this was on our religious education fund/church.  In the years that I’ve been there, this has to be the best turn-out that we’ve ever had.  I think only one catechist was missing. 

Both priests….the current one and retired one….showed up as well.  One is very quiet, but loves to eat, the other is a talker and well, likes his food too.  It’s funny to see them together because they’re such a contrast.  I really like the new priest, but in many ways, I miss the old one because he was a stickler for the old rules of church.

We were all given a gift a book.  My DRE is so wonderful.  She got The Man and I different ones so that we could read ours, then swap and read the other one.  Yes, although he was there just under half a year, she still got him a gift.  She’s been so cool through this whole process and she’s happy she gets to give him his certification. 

I’d do it no matter what because I love it, but it’s so nice when the DRE does this for us at the end of every year.  If you ever forget, she’s always there to remind you why you do what you do. 

Now, I’m onto the planning stages for next year.  I’ll wait a couple more weeks, then I’ll start going into the office and running copies.  I’ll prepare about 10 folders with prayers, how to pray the rosary, and class rules in it.  This will be the folder that they take home and bring back each week with the work that we do in class and their homework.  I’ll also put blank name labels on them so that the first day of class, all I have to do is fill it out for each one.  I won’t be changing my lesson order much this year.  Everything seemed to flow really well and the kids seemed to retain it.  The only thing I’ll do is switch activities because I’ll have 4 of my previous kids and I never do the exact same lesson/activities 2 years in a row.  That way, they’re never bored!!

Yes….yes, I know!!  I still owe you a picture of our class party from last week.  I’m getting to it….really!!  HAHA

2 Responses to Appreciation

  1. Debbie

    How nice the way they appreciate you! Is your hubby teaching too?!

  2. Rosemary

    I think this is wonderful volunteerism on your part and I love that you are helping others learn the rosary. I carry mine with me and I find it such a comfort when I’m feeling stressed to take time to meditate with it and my prayers.

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