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Posted by on 25 April 2009

I had every intention of post a new “In the Kitchen” tonight.  We made the most amazing dinner and I wanted to share it.  However, at the end of the cooking, I started to feel very sick.  My stomach was turning and I was weak and hot.  I sat sprawled out on the couch until I had to check on certain parts of the meal.  After we ate, I was better, but I was just totally zapped.  Miss K was next to feel that way and then hubby.  I don’t know what hit us, but it hits hard and fast.  Stomach cramps like I can’t describe!!  There’s nobody to blame but my parents.  They sent it to us through the phone.  They didn’t go out for their anniversary because mom was feeling this way and the next day when they were going to try to go again, dad was under the weather.  It PASSES quick, but you’re pretty tired afterward.  BLAH  I’ll share my “In the Kitchen” tomorrow.  Trust me when I say, it’s well worth the wait!!

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  1. Debbie

    Double BLAH!! Wow, I didn’t know you could pass this stuff through the phone. LOL

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