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Marking #43

Posted by on 23 April 2009

My parents are marking off their 43rd anniversary today.  They’re so deserving of an awesome day.  They’ve been the best life example there is.  Nobody could know a more true and enduring love than they have.  I found a great card for them this year.  Sometimes it’s hard to find just what I want, but this one was almost perfect.  It said so much of what I’d like to tell them.  I wish that there was some sort of tribute that I could do for them.  I was the main planner of their 40th anniversary party and it turned out to be everything they deserved.  Actually, they deserved more, but it was just awesome the people that showed up and seeing them renew their vows.  I only hope I can do something as wonderful for the best parents in the whole world when it’s their 50th.  So for now Mother and Daddy….


One Response to Marking #43

  1. Debbie

    Hmm, I see an outline of Happy Anniversary but that’s it. Is that all I should see?

    I’m going to assume by the title it’s mom and dad’s 43rd anniversary? If so…CONGRATS!

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