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Daily Archives: 16 April 2009

Another Year Older


Ah yes, there’s a definite smell of birthday cake in the house as I grow another year older.  MMMM  It was chocolate!!  HEHE

I had a totally awesome day today.  When I woke up, hubby had a card for me sitting on my keyboard.  When I opened it, I found a gift certificate to get my hair done.  Not just a cut, but a wash and style too!!  WooHoo  Now I know that may not seem like much to some, but it was everything to me.  With our budget cuts, one of the things that kiddo and I have given up is getting our haircut every single month.  That’s a savings of $40!!  So just the other day I complained that I can’t do anything with my hair.  I mean it’s horrible right now!!  So low and behold, the man got me the perfect gift!!  I know some of you would be upset at a practical gift, but not me.  I’ll take what I need any day over something I’m just going to throw in a closet or hide.  That includes appliances….if I need it, give it!!  HAHA  But anyway, I’m looking forward to my hair appointment, that is, whenever I have time to set it up now!!

Kiddo made me breakfast and gave me a beautiful card.  She’s such an amazing kid!!  I just loved the card and that one may never get put away.  My dear online gal pal, Debbie, sent me a birthday message.  That meant alot to me and in turn it sent other wishes my way.  I also got a call from a long-time friend that we haven’t heard from in ages, not to mention Suz called to have a chat.  My in-laws sent me a card and some $$!!  WooHoo  My parents sent a card and they called.  Of course, they used that time to remind me how old I am.  They didn’t quite fall for me being 21 and having my first drink tonight!!  HAHA  Hey, that reminds me….I never got a drink!! 

Hubby made his famous chili dogs for dinner.  They’re to die for and oh so sinful!!  MMMM  Don’t get too close….I have onion breath!!  HEHE  After that, we relaxed and had some chocolate birthday cake.  With that, the day was over and now I’m just another year older!!

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