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Daily Archives: 27 March 2009


The weather is making the news again!!  There’s flooding up in North Dakota and we’re expecting freezing weather this weekend.  I thought this was spring!?!?

The wind is whipping and it’s just plain cold here.  Earlier today, we had a thunderstorm blow through.  Then later, we had sleet coming down.  Did I mention that it’s cold??  They’re out sanding the roads because they’re calling for 30 tonight and colder tomorrow night.  Now we have all the precipitation on the ground, so they’re taking precautions early.  Even my final certification class scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled!!

Earlier this week, we all headed for cover because we had one heck of storm blow through.  The sky was so dark and eery.  We were watching sky cam and we could see this wall cloud coming right for us.  The local weather kept saying there’s no tornado watch or warning, but they sure thought it looked like it might drop one.  We had a massive power surge, high high winds and pea size hail.  It was crazy!!  They saw flashes on the other side of town and at the time, thought a funnel just might have dropped.

Did I mention that it’s cold??  And yes, we have a chance of snow!!  SHEESH


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