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Daily Archives: 24 March 2009

Darn DSL

No, I haven’t fallen off the Earth.  I was without DSL for 3 days.  I do have some posts typed up and I’ll get them all posted for their appropriate days as soon as possible.  It’ll probably be within the next couple of days because tomorrow is homeschool as usual and my religion class.  That usually keeps me busy!!

I didn’t figure anyone would miss me because I haven’t received comments in ages.  I know somebody is reading because that’s what my stats tell me, but I don’t know who or what.  I noticed Kathy stopped by and left a couple comments and for that I am grateful.  At least I know one that’s reading!!

Anyway, I was without DSL for 3 days.  It was sort of an adventure to get it fixed.  I was told that they’d be out to repair it yesterday, but by the end of the day, nobody had been here yet.  So, I got back on the phone with tech support and they gave me a ticket number this time and assured me that it wasn’t on my end and they’d be out to repair it today.  Sure enough, they were came.  Surprise surprise, it wasn’t on their end….it was on mine.  It seems my DSL modem went out.  I was pissed!!  That modem is no more than a year old.  I had my other one forever and I was sad when it went out.  Then the only place I can get another is from an AT&T store or online.  I couldn’t use the router that I had with it, so I had to get a new one.  Now here we are a year later and low and behold, it’s the darn modem that I HAD to have because it’s AT&T.  The tech informs me that they’ve had a few “issues” with these modems and that’s why they looked at that first.  Go figure!!

I have internet now and I’m ssoooo happy!!  Oh, I left one thing out.  I think it was the hand of God watching over me last night because we had a horrible storm come through.  Nothing new for spring in Oklahoma.  The odd thing was, we had a huge jolt….or power surge….last night.  You could feel the electricity in the house when it hit.  Oddly enough, my DSL came back on when that happened.  I quickly paid a couple bills and sent off a couple e-mails and it was gone again.  I feel like it was the hand of God because, well, he is in charge of the weather and WHATEVER that surge was that caused my DSL to come on for an hour.  I was able to pay a couple VERY important bills due to that!!  Thank you GOD!!

Alright, so I’m off for tonight.  Next time you stop by, drop me a line so that I know you’ve been here!!  Out….

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