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Gone Too Soon

Posted by on 19 March 2009


Last night my mom called to tell me that Natasha Richardson had died.  I was shocked, to say the least.  The last I’d heard, she was in critical condition, but doing alright after arriving in New York.  She comes from a family of actors.  She comes from the Redgrave family with her mom being Vanessa Redgrave and her aunt is Lynn Redgrave.  She not only comes from acting royalty, but has been married to Liam Neeson since 1994 and they have 2 sons. 

I can’t imagine how bad her injuries were.  Natasha walked away with only a few scratches, only to die soon after.  The helmet issue has resurfaced since this incident.  It was a big topic when Sonny Bono died years ago of an injury on the slopes.  I’m not quite sure where I stand with this issue.  I’m not a skiier, but I can’t imagine wearing a helmet while skiing either. 

I just know that the acting world lost a very stellar actress with the death of Natasha Richardson.  I never saw a picture where she wasn’t smiling.  She was classy and she didn’t make news in the tabloids.  It was clear to see, at least in pictures, that her and Liam Neeson were in love and happy.  She may not have been seen on the screen alot, but she does have a valued career between the big screen and the stage.


She’s in God’s care now.  I wish all the best to her family and friends as they go through this tragedy together.  Peace Natasha!!

5 Responses to Gone Too Soon

  1. Cricket

    Hey Elaine! I am back…

    This was such a terrible accident. We do ski and each time I enter the slopes I think about how dangerous this is.

    I hope all is well with you your family. Thank you so much for such kind words and sticking by me. I have had a rough couple of months but I see the sunshine. Spring has arrived.

    • Elaine

      Glad to see you back, Tammy. I’ll look forward to seeing all those pictures you’ve been taking and some new blog posts!!

  2. Kathy

    This is so sad – I am so sorry for her family and friends for their loss.

    We are a skiing family and never go on the slopes without helmets. I don’t believe I have ever noticed anyone on the slopes where we go here in Colorado without a helmet as it is encouraged highly here, even on bikes and rollerblading

  3. Joe

    Natasha’s passing is a shock indeed; it’s a reminder that we should live everyday like it’s our last

  4. Debbie

    She was such a beautiful woman and one with class. Sad loss for all.

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