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Daily Archives: 12 March 2009

Holy Week File Folder Game

I made 2 very similar file folder games (ffg) today.  They both have to do with sequencing the events of Holy Week.  Both games can not only be used for a sequence ffg, but the event cards could also be used to play memory with.  The version below is for younger kids, has 6 events, starts with Palm Sunday and ends with the crucifixion.  Click on the thumbnail to download.


For the version for older kids, you can click here to download.   find it on the “Christian Printables and FFG” page and listed under “holidays” and “Easter”.  The page it’s on is  listed over in the right column under “pages”. This version is “Palm Sunday to the Ascension” and has 12 events, not including Palm Sunday or the Ascension of Jesus (the images are part of the title). I think this one is better for older kids and this can also be played as a memory game using the event cards.

Let me know what you think about them!!


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