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The Results

Posted by on 9 March 2009

After much testing, waiting and worrying, we finally have the results from the neurologist.  The Man had his appointment today, and even that just about didn’t happen.  I guess I’ll tell that part of the story first.

He was given a referral to a neurologist off post because the one at the post hospital couldn’t see him.  He tries for several days to get ahold of them, but they never answer the phone or someone who’s illiterate answers the phone.  Finally after a couple weeks, he talks to a front desk nurse and she informs him that they do NOT schedule appointments after 2pm.  (Must be nice to have that kind of money to turn working patients away!!)  He tells me and we both decide that we misunderstood.  It takes days to get in contact again and finally he gets the same nurse and she reiterates that they don’t have appointments after 2pm.  The Man explains that he’s on a new job and can’t start missing work for appointments and she basically says “oh well”.  About the same time frame, he’s informed that his consult is about to expire, so he calls our insurance to get a different neurologist.  They give him the name of 2 more and he gets an appointment for 3:15pm today.

So, we get to the office and they don’t have the referral.  😮  What??  But they told us to come here.  Alright, we’re on the phone to the insurance and they neglected to tell him that he’d need a new consult form when he got the doctors names.  Since he’s in the office and ready for the appointment, they’ll fax the consult and referral over in an hour.  The nurse hesitates, but he has the number so she processes him in right away.  PHEW!!

I’m only at this appointment because the doctor on post has told him “there’s a growth on your spine”.  What??  Is it cancer….calcium….just a growth??  They don’t know so here we are waiting and discussing all the possibilities.  The neurosurgeon comes and and is extremely nice.  He looks at the MRI for all of 2 minutes and says it’s a herniated disk.  PHEW!!  Right??  Wrong!!  It’s going to require surgery and they come in through the front of his neck, remove it and replace it with bone and some sort of metal plate on it.  It’s pretty typical surgery.  PHEW!!  Alright, we can hang.  Nope!!  Because of his job, he’s going to have to take 6-8 weeks off of work.  If he had a desk job, he could be on it in about 4 weeks.

So, we’re back to the new job.  There’s NO way that he can miss that kind of work.  There’s no “desk job” to be had.  Not to mention, we can’t be without an income for that long.  Unfortunately, The Man is back to waiting it out.  We have no other choice.  Unless he starts to get numb and drop things, it’s going to have to wait.  He swears he’s going to be alright and I have to believe him.  We have our prayers and only time will tell.

2 Responses to The Results

  1. Amazing_Grace

    Isn’t it the pits that we are getting old?

    I’ll keep y’all in my prayers! ((hugs))

  2. phone insurance

    I cant read even single word on your blog. Your css messed up.

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