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Spring Ahead

Posted by on 7 March 2009


Yes, it’s that time of year again.  It’s time to SPRING AHEAD.  Set your clocks forward 1 hour.

People say it doesn’t matter, but for the first few days, I feel that hour of sleep that I lose.  Am I alone??  How do you feel about daylight savings time??  Do you miss that hour??

2 Responses to Spring Ahead

  1. Debbie

    How do I feel? T-I-R-E-D LOL

  2. Kathy

    I know – yesterday I was running errands and my husband calls and asked me what was for lunch – I said “You’re hungry already? It’s only 12 and you guys had a late breakfast” He said, “No, it’s 1:00 – time change, remember?” Oooppss – laughing

    I’m changing to wordpress – still figuring it out – how do you get the tabs at the top if you want to add them to a different theme?

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