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Ash Wednesday

Posted by on 25 February 2009


Today marks the first day of Lent.  It’s a day of reflection.  It’s a day of remembering what Jesus sacrificed for us.  It’s a time to think about our sins.  It’s the time we prepare and celebrate Easter.  The 40 days of Lent.

It’s especially a time of abstinance.  It’s a time when we fast.  There’s no meat on Fridays.  That’s a particularly hard one for me since I don’t eat fish or seafood.  Salads just aren’t enough for this woman!!  Now, the Catholic church has tried to make it easier so that more people examine their conscience and follow the fasting rules.  We have 2 established days….Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. 

Each of us in our family has chosen something to give up for Lent.  I know if I follow through with mine, it’ll make me a better person.  At least I hope so!!  Hubby has chosen something that’s dear to him.  Something he NEEDS/WANTS every day.  Kiddo is giving up the final stages of childhood habit that she has.  For all of us, it’s something that’s meaningful to us.  If we can follow through with it, we’ll be better off.  Even if we slip, we’ll know that we tried.  That’s just it….now days, not enough people try.  You’d be surprised what you can sacrifice.  And this is all in the name of Jesus. 

So will I succeed??  Maybe….maybe not.  I will give it my best.  Even if I slip, it won’t be a failure.  It’s only a failure if I don’t try. 

What are you doing for Lent as a either giving something up or to make yourself better??

2 Responses to Ash Wednesday

  1. Debbie

    Well, as you know, I’m not Catholic, so we don’t follow the abstinance or fasting. It is an option and some people do give things up for lent.

    We did have our first Ash Wednesday service with ashes though. Again, the ashes were optional. I have to tell you, I wasn’t too sure about it. Felt weird. I know there are those in our congregation who were mortified and many didn’t show up. If it hadn’t been for the confirmands doing the service, there would only have been a handful of people. They see it only as a Catholic thing, but many churches are now doing it, including Presbyterian’s.

    I am doing something for lent though. I started a Lenten Bible study last week. So for me, Lent is a time for reflection.

  2. Elaine

    Good for you!! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing something for it and really, that’s what Lent is all about.

    I didn’t know it was a “Catholic thing”. LOL I think the ashes are an amazing part of the mass. When they put the ash cross on your forehead, they say “you are dust and to dust you will return” it’s very provoking. It keeps me in my “place” everytime I think of it. It’s all about the sacrafice!!

    Thanks for your comment because I love to know how others act and participate.

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