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Posted by on 20 February 2009

I’ve had so many things in mind to write about, but as soon as I think about it I get busy and forget.  I can’t imagine how bad I’ll be when I’m old!!  I’m going to have to have strings tied to my fingers and carry around a notebook to write things down in!!  HAHA

First of all, I’m done reformatting my groups.  There’s now one main group, or “mother group” as I like to call it.  That’s the only group that receives e-mails.  We share messages and post what our newest games are and so on.  The other 5 groups are now only used for file storage.  This way, there’s not a message going to all of those groups about new activity and repeated messages for those that are in more than 1 group.  It also means less work and maintenance.  You can only join them if you’re a member of the main group.  It probably sounds confusting, but trust me it’s much simpler.  If you’re interested in Christian file folder games, please join!!
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I finally got my OK drivers license this week.  I had to sit in the highway patrol office for 4 hours waiting.  4 hours!!  They don’t have a line just for renewals.  You have to wait no matter what you’re there for.  The take down all your info, fingerprint you, take your photo and clear your driving record.  The last part because we had out-of-state licenses.  Then you have to go over to the tag agency to get your actual drivers license.  That means waiting too.  Then almost everything you initially did at the highway patrol is done at the tag agency again.  My photo is horrid!!  After that, it takes a whopping 3 minutes to get the actual license in hand.  I can say without a doubt that it’s going to take me quite a long time to remember this crazy license number.  On top of that, I was looking it over and it doesn’t expire on my birthday.  Nope!!  It expires 4 years from NOW!!  What kind of craziness is that??  I thought all states had the license expire on your birthday.  Mine always has since I was 16 years old.  Then I heard people complaining that their was expired and they didn’t know it.  It seems the state has quit sending out reminders.  Ah ok, then it’s time to change to birthday expiration’s!!

We changed our health insurence to retired military today.  Time for us to join all of you that have been paying too much for insurence all these years.  I can’t complain about the cost for the retired, but I know that it’s set to be reviewed by Congress this year for a possible increase.  It’s a fairly large increase too.  HHMMMM  I wonder if they’re rates are going up.  Ah no, that’s right, they don’t pay for insurence.  <rolling eyes>

We priced tires today.  I didn’t realize you had to take out a loan for tires now days.  That is, good tires.  I guess that’s one of the items that we’ll be using our tax refund for.  YAY!!  <sarcasm>

I guess that there’s not much else to tell you.  That’s the way our life is rolling right now.  Homeschool is going great and we’re all adjusting to “civilian life”!! 

So what’s up with all of you??

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  1. Debbie

    My, you’re busy! Congrats on your license! I’ll weep for you when you get your first insurance bill. LOL

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