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President’s Day

Posted by on 16 February 2009


Yes, today is President’s Day.  Hubby was off of work today and we just enjoyed our time together.  Imagine, he actually had a holiday!!  It was new for all of us. 

Kiddo and I started the day off with a dentist appointment.  Boy do we love the feel of freshly cleaned teeth.  You just can’t get that at home.  Then we enjoyed time with The Man and got lots of paperwork sorted through.  We never found the particular form that we were looking for, but it was still productive.

The kids around here had school because they’re making up for an inclament weather day we had with all that sleet and ice.  It was just a plain day off for us!! 

Oh, and just for all who are uncertain what today really is, it’s to celebrate the birthday’s of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.  They used to be seperate days, but they were so close together, that it was easier to combine them in one day.  Actually, Washington’s birthday has been celebrated since he was elected president, which is long before Lincoln was born.  In 1968 and the 1980’s it was brought up to make changes, but it’s still widely known as Washington’s Birthday.  It should also be known that “President’s Day” does not stand for all presidents, espceially our current one.  It is for 2 that celebrate their birthday in February….Washington and Lincoln. 

3 Responses to President’s Day

  1. Debbie

    LOL Ya slugs!

    Are you kidding me? People think it’s for all president’s? Silly!

    • Elaine

      LOL Well send ’em to my house and I’ll school ’em on what it really is!! 😛

  2. annettepiper

    Well there you go. Never heard of President’s Day (obviously)! We’ve probably got some weird holidays too 🙂

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