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Lies and Broken Promises

Posted by on 13 February 2009

I made it no secret that I was NOT voting for Obama for president. I had so many reasons why. Some of them I share and some of them I didn’t. One thing I made clear was that I didn’t trust him. Obama made alot of promises. He said things that bothered me down to my core.

Now move ahead to a time when our country needs a leader more than ever. A time when the people need to matter, maybe even more than any other time.  He got elected and since taking office has proved that many of his promises were no more than lies just to get the vote.  Obama nominated people for his cabinet that weren’t qualified or had very shady pasts.  He even managed to get old lady Clinton as Secretary of State.  This despite the fact that her and Billy have unsavory connections with funds in these foreign countries. 

This stimulus plan is going to break America’s back.  It’s full of pork that we can’t afford.  It’s got earmarks for earmarks.  There’s frisbee parks, golf courses with the best country clubs and skate parks.  There’s an earmark for an earmark so that Sen. Reid can get his rail between L.A. and Vegas.  What’s this got to do with rebuilding the country??  NOTHING!!  It was forced through without anyone in the House reading it.  Nancy Pelosi made it her decision to see that no Republicans were part of the writing process.  Normally, for the majority of history in fact, the minority party has been allowed to be part of the process so that bills can be rewrote and concessions can be made on both sides.  This time, they weren’t allowed to be part of the process at all.  But it was such a big bill that not even the Democrats read it.  They just passed it. 

Heck, Pelosi is leading him around by his weiner.  Then he’s got Michelle, who’s finally proud of her country.  She is the one who made him after all.  And he has Hillary as Sec. of State.  She lead Billy around and she’s doing the same thing with Obama.  I wonder if Obama even has a part left!!  But, I sort of wonder off the main topic.

One of the promises was that we the people would be allowed to read everything on the federal site before they went to the voting process.  There’s yet to be a single document posted for the American people to see.  Why??  What’s going on that Obama is so afraid the people are going to find out about.  Why is he trying so hard to make the people believe him??  Every speech that he’s made lately sounds just like he’s back on the campaign trail.  He’s trying to convince people that his choices are alright.  Even some of the media that’s been bought and paid for by the Democrats has been doubting Obama’s decisions. 

So where is America headed with Obama as President??  I fear we’re definitely headed down the right path.  I just wonder of at least some of the people who voted for him are ready to admit that they made a mistake.  Not only our grandkids, but our great grandkids are going to pay for this stimulus bill.  It’s going to hurt generations to come.  Of course, the Obama kids won’t have to worry about this.  Their daddy has assured his and their space.  He doesn’t even help his own family, so we really can’t expect him to help ours.

I’ve remained calm, but this is a sore spot for me.  I know people that quit reading my blog because of my decision to NOT vote for Obama and that’s ok.  It’s quite childish and I’m sure they don’t even know why they did choose to vote for him.  I just hope they realize what they’ve done to this country.  I hope they enjoy being lied to.  I hope they don’t care about any of the promises that were made because those promises were left at the door when he walked through.

The only thing I have left to say to Pres. Obama is….


2 Responses to Lies and Broken Promises

  1. Debbie

    I have nothing to add. LOL I’m slightly disappointed right now. Wrong move for a first move though.

  2. Laura Brewer

    You know what…There is nothing wrong with your opinion. Remember this “if you don’t stand for what you believe, you will fall for anything”. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just a side note….I didn’t vote for him either. The world will be sorry. What is the most important thing to people?? MONEY. So what did Obama do first?? The stimuls. Why?? To buy people’s acceptance. As for me and my house???We will serve the LORD!

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