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Posted by on 11 February 2009

I don’t very often talk about my diabetes.  It’s just something that I have and it’s up to me to control it.  However, something happened the other day that reminded me how delicate my life can be at times.

As many of you know, Miss K and I went to OKC for Capital Day yesterday.  It was a great trip.  However, the entire time, I was extremely hot.  Even Miss K was sweating.  I felt good though and I just kept on moving.  I even took the steps a couple times.  Monday night I didn’t sleep well though.  We went to get our taxes done and I found out that I’m missing a very important paper.  We filed anyway and we’ll be able to make an amendment.  It didn’t stop me from tossing and turning, so I got up and dug through paperwork to try to find the paper this company says that they sent me.  I never did find it.  I didn’t sleep well when I finally went to bed and before I knew it, hubby’s alarm was going off.  I kissed him “bye” and told him to call me when he got to work because he’d been having car issues the past couple of days.  He did that and by that time, it was only half an hour until Miss K’s alarm was going to go off to start us off on Capital Day. 

So anyway, we’re up there enjoying Capital Day when I start to feel queezy.  My friend Suzie that was up there with us with her family had me sit down and ran to get me water.  In the meantime, Miss K tested my sugar which was 164.  Much too high for that time of the day…..much much too high!!  I started feeling a little better sitting with my water when they came by and told me I had to move and that no kids were allowed in that area.  I felt ok, but I was weak.  Suzie was looking for our place to sit and we went to pick up our lunches.  Somehow, they gave me the wrong ticket and told me I had to go downstairs.  She immediately told them I was having a diabetic incident and that I needed food and couldn’t run around because of their mistake. 

We sat down and ate and I felt good even though I didn’t need my numbers to go any higher.  My sandwich was on wheat bread and was actually healthy.  I was weak and tired, so Suzie insisted that I sat while she found our families and talked to a Senator.  I was glad for the break and tried to cool down.  She came to get me because everyone was ready to go.  We took the elevator down and started to leave.  I was leaning up against the wall talking to K when I felt my legs go.  I went down to my knees holding her hand.  My brave daughter helped me  up and I held the wall as I moved slowly to a chair.

Suzie jumped in and took over my care while the family went after the car.  She just wanted a wheelchair for me, but a medic showed up  instead.  He took my sugar and it was either 366 or 399.  I just don’t remember.  I just know I was sick.  He told me he’d rather I was high than low.  I refused to go to the hospital because I wanted to get home.  It was the right decision because all the storms broke out on our way home.

I’m not telling you this story for pity or anything else.  I just really realized how fast my life can go.  I also realized how quickly my friendship with Suzie grew.  She took over and I didn’t have a chance to talk back.  She knew what to do, kept me calm and looked after my daughter.  I couldn’t ask for more.  It meant everything to me.  God put us together on that day for a reason.  I wish it wasn’t under those circumstances, but it’s the way it is.  I already have a doctor appointment scheduled for next week, so I’ll tell the doctor about it.  Suzie will be all over me making sure!!  I don’t think he’ll change my medicine because this is the first time in 5 years that I’ve been sick from the diabetes itself.  I guess what bothers me the most is that I’ve actually lost some weight and I’m really taking care of myself.  As I said, God sent his angel to take care of me that day.  I have no intention of letting the diabetes win.  One way or the other, I WILL win this battle.  Thanks to Suzie and her wonderful family, I’ll be able to continue to give my awesome family a hard time.  I honestly can’t tell you all they did for me.  The kids asked if I was alright….truly caring kids.  They were there for K so she wouldn’t worry and when we got home, she tried to keep The Man calm too. 

Please take care of yourself.  Whether you’re healthy or have something like I do.  Never let it win.  You have to take control.  Let your friends and family help and be there for you. 

5 Responses to Diabetes

  1. Debbie

    Jeez, Elaine! That’s the scariest thing I’ve heard in awhile (aside from my b-i-l). Thank God you weren’t alone. Are you under control now? Kudos to your friend for taking charge!

  2. Elaine

    I was down to 80 later that evening, which is normal. I’m positive that it was not sleeping and being overheated that did it. Stress can mess with the body in strange ways and since I’ve been diabetic, I don’t sweat and can’t handle heat like I used to. I’m good now!!

    Yes, she was awesome!!

  3. Amazing_Grace

    So sorry about you getting sick. Nothing is worse when you are somewhere and that happens.

    We’re going through the same thing with hubby and his high blood pressure (he was REALLY dizzy and nauseated one day too), but he did get better. He’s been to the doctor, on some meds, and is going through lots of tests right now. I told him if he dies he leaves me all alone to deal with MONK and his issues. That seemed to get him in the right frame of mind. LOL!

  4. 迷你倉

    Good luck.
    God bless you.

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