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Capital Day

Posted by on 10 February 2009


Today we went to Capital Day.  This is a day set aside for Oklahoma homeschoolers to visit the capital and visit with our legislators about homeschooling in OK.  It’s always an important day for homeschoolers, but it was especially so this year.  We’ve had 2 bills come up before our state congress to change homeschool laws.  They’ve been initiated by 2 Senators that think homeschool kids are illiterate and run around wild.

So, kiddo and I headed up to OKC with some homeschool friends of ours.  As soon as we got to the capital, we went our separate ways to go visit our local Congressmen.  I already knew the Senator because his daughter went to the same private school as Miss K did last year.  I was respectful, but told him that even he didn’t have his daughter in our public schools and I don’t want to answer to a school district that isn’t capable of teaching my daughter.  He asked Miss K lots of questions and she had an answer for it all.  She’s just a little shy.

Next came our Representative.  He was so nice and welcoming.  He said he completely supports homeschooling and will not approve anything that comes across his desk to regulate us.  He was very open to homeschooling and talked about his 3 year old daughter and her future schooling.  Then he took a picture with us and had to get to his next meeting.  He said to expect to hear from him again because he’ll send us a picture and check on us.

We then got to have lunch with the Congressmen.  It was so interesting to see which ones showed up to talk to us and which ones didn’t.  The most interesting part was this Senator that was across the table from me.  He was saying how worried his is about our current administration at the White House.  He couldn’t give us much, but he said that executive privilege will be used and he’s worried about what that’s going to bring for everyone.  He’s also concerned about what kind of regulations that’s going to put on states.

It was a very profitable day and I’m so glad we went.  It was most disappointing that more people from our area didn’t go.  I did find out that we set a record number of homeschool families that turned out for this event.  That alone shows what homeschooling means to the families in OK.  As of right now, we are the easiest state to homeschool in.  We have no regulations and it’s in our state constitution that we can legally homeschool.

I love homeschooling and enjoy every part about it.  I don’t regret for one minute the time we spent up there.  We had to try to outrun a storm.  We heard in the elevator that there were watches and warnings.  Once we got outside, we saw why.  The sky was a bit intimidating.  We still had some hard rain and hail coming home.  It got worse after we got home, but it went by super fast and all was well.  I heard on the news that a tornado hit Edmond, which is a suburb of OKC.  They hit elsewhere, but it was a close call there!!

Yep, a very profitable trip indeed!!

4 Responses to Capital Day

  1. Debbie

    Are you going to post your pic? 🙂

    Yep, this stimulus package is going to be pushed through anyway. But I hope those Republicans give him a REAL hard time. He’s nailing his coffin shut. But he’s got 4 years of damage he’s going to do for the next guy to try to clean up.

    I don’t think NJ has many restrictions on homeschooling either. For now.

  2. Elaine

    If I don’t look terrible, I’ll post the picture. I just thought it was great that his secretary called the photograher and he did it. I know it’s good for his career too, but he still took the time.

    Don’t get me started on the stimulus!!

  3. Amazing_Grace

    It sounds like it was a very educational day for everyone. 🙂

  4. annettepiper

    It is so great that you have such a presence and get to meet with the people making the decisions. Homeschooling is virtually unknown of downhere.

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