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Daily Archives: 9 February 2009

My First Game!!

Today I finished my first game.  It was pretty fun to make!!  It is called Oh Holy Night.  What you have to do is collect all the game pieces for the nativity.  The first one with all the pieces of the nativity wins!!  I have a document of the finished product.  I started it before Christmas and I said I’ll get it done before Christmas, but I didn’t.  So I tried to finish it before Valentine’s day and I did!!!  Mom is so proud of me she said “Welcome the new ffg maker”!  I was like it’s not a big deal, but she thinks so.

I am currentlty working on another game called”I Promise , Love God”.  It will take a little bit, but it will get done.  I’m thinking you get a card and you have to try or do that promise.  I don’t know!!  I’m going to have to think about it.


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