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Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Posted by on 5 February 2009


No, I’m not lost!! And no, I haven’t run away!!  I’ve just been pretty busy and I figured if I could give time up on anything, it was my blog.  I missed it and I have entries saved that I haven’t posted.  I just never completed them or they needed something, so I saved them as drafts and moved on to something else.

One thing I’ve been doing is making games.  I’m trying so hard to finish up the multiplication ffg.  I’m happy to say that I only have 2 left to do.  I need one for 8 and 11, then the complete set from 1 to 12 will be done.  No reason the kiddos can’t learn to multiply then!!  I also had a couple requests and I did those.  I probably have about 12 that are started, some almost complete, that I need to work on.  I’d like to get them out of the “incomplete” folder!!  I also tried my hand a mini-ffg and I like them.  They’re cute and fun and good for travel or a one person time-filler.  After I’m caught up, I’m sure I’m going to make more.

I haven’t even uploaded anything to my 4Shared!!  SHEESH  However, homeschool is going great.  Miss K loves everything that we’re studying right now.  We just completed weather and she needs to take the test on that.  We’ve move onto sound.  We’ve been studying quite a bit of U.S. history, so she asked for a break from that and I have her working on the continents.  Alot of that has to do with maps and geography, so she’s thrilled!!  We finished up multiplication and division of decimals.  Up now….multiplication and division of common fractions!!  WooHoo

I’ve also thought out a plan to slim down the work that I have to do with my Y!Groups.  Right now, I have 5 groups.  I post and receieve messages through all of them, plus posting my games in the appropriate one.  I’ve thought out a way to make one more group, but all messages will go through that group.  The other groups will become just file storage to put all my games and the games that other members make into.  This will mean that I only have to approve memberships in one group.  Then they’ll get invites to the other groups, but I won’t have to worry about if they accept or decline….it’s all on them!!  I really see this as cutting down my time and maintenance.

One final item, hubby started work this week.  He’s got awesome hours because they’re working shifts right now.  He got the 6am to 2:30pm shift and we love him home mid-afternoon.  When they’re not so busy and not working shifts, his normals schedule will be 7am to 4pm.  It’s really strange without him working all day and into the night.  He actually has time to do things!!  Now, if I could just get used to that pay every 2 weeks instead of once a month when the bills are due!!

Well, I’m off again.  Keep a watch out for “old” posts.  I’m going to slowly work on getting them posted since I did save the drafts.  HAHA  I also downloaded all my pics off the digital camera.  I’m working on watermarking them and getting them ready to share.  Catch ya soon….

3 Responses to Where Oh Where Have I Been?

  1. Debbie

    I think your idea for the groups is great! I’m in the mood for doing a game but the topics aren’t moving me. Any ideas? Maybe I should go through the files and see which are lacking? LOL

    I’m currently on a VBS information gathering quest. Meeting next week.

  2. Miss K

    You are SO busy!!! HAHA That’s okay mom. You will get back on track.

  3. Elaine

    Thanks Debbie!! I think this new format will work out great too. It’s just going to take some time to straiten out and organize. Then it should be smooth. I’m looking forward to this new way!!

    Yes sweetie, we are busy, but at least we’re doing it together. I’m proud of you for the way you’re handling it all and staying on your studies. HUGS!!

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