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90 Countries….and Counting

Posted by on 30 January 2009

I don’t know how many of you pay attention to my flag counter in the left column, but I do!!  Actually, I think Miss K watches it more than I do.  She lets me know every time there’s a new flag.

So, if you’re not paying attention, I’m up to 90 countries.  That’s right, 90 different countries have visited my blog!!  Actually it’s more than that because when flag counter did some updates a few months ago, I lost a couple flags.  So much for new and improved!!  HAHA

I love this counter because it only counts first time visitors.  It doesn’t count all the people that come back.  That means that somehow, I’ve gone global!!  Isn’t that amazing that a fat little Army wife and homeschool mom can reach so many people!?!?  It’s just fascinating!!

To all my foreign visitors, WELCOMEto my blog, my little place in the world and my little space in the blogosphere!!  I hope you all enjoy your stay and come back again soon.  Be sure to invite your friends too!!

5 Responses to 90 Countries….and Counting

  1. Laura

    What’s so bad is that I don’t know where most of the countries are. LOL!

  2. Edward

    WOW!!! soon every country in the world will view your blog in a few years you still have a lot to go
    there are 195 in the world. Keep it comin and the countries are going to come faster than the
    “Daytona 500”!!!!!!!

  3. Annette Piper

    How brilliant. Well, you’ve got me down here Australia 🙂

  4. Debbie

    I get some countries I have no idea where they are either. LOL Lots of Australia hits. Don’t know why. Think it’s google bots.

  5. angie

    That’s so cool!

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