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Winter Weather

Posted by on 27 January 2009


Well the weather has truly hit the fan today!!  We were supposed to be on the dry side of this winter storm.  We had rain and drizzle off and on most of yesterday.  Through the night, I could hear the freezing rain and sleet hitting the bedroom window.  At some point in the middle of the night I woke up and peeked out the blinds.  To my amazement, our front yard was almost white!!

Roads are extremely dangerous.  Even Ft. Sill is closed today.  It’s not often that post closes.  No school, of course.  That is, unless you’re homeschooled!!  HAHA  We have ice under all the sleet on the roads.  I don’t even plan to leave the house!!  In fact it was getting bad enough last night that I made the mom decision to have someone else deliver my food and ordered pizza!!  HAHA

I’m ssoooo glad that we didn’t get all the freezing rain.  We were on the dry side, but still had lots of sleet.  I got some pretty good pictures of it.  It’s so perfectly round!!  Pretty cool as long as I don’t have to get out in it.  I haven’t downloaded the pictures from the camera yet.  I can’t wait to see if I truly captured what the sleet looks like.  I know I got a great pic of our white driveway and and down the road!!

So everyone stay safe and warm.  Enjoy the day if you have it off today.  It’s still coming down here, so my blankie is my buddy!! 

BBRRRR  My darn toes are cold!!


6 Responses to Winter Weather

  1. Laura

    No school here either. Yesterday we had snow and last night and today, freezing rain and sleet. UGH!

  2. Edward

    YAY!! NO SCHOOL!!!!!!! I hope there’s no school tommorow.

  3. Kathy Young

    Laughing – I love it when my boys say “Can we have a teacher day” when the other kids have them. Course, I love the idea of “teacher day” – hot bath, Doris Day movie, coffee, biscotti………….

  4. Annette Piper

    We’re having a heatwave down here in Australia. Can’t we have something in between ?

  5. Debbie

    Hey, did you warm up any? Tired of winter but not looking forward to summer heat either. Spring brings another bout of allergies. Oh pooh!

  6. Chrissie

    Hi there, your blog is great! I am an OU student about to launch a campaign called “Hit The Books Running” about early college preparation. I think some of our materials would fit in really well with your blog, as the campaign is focused on saving for and paying for college. I couldn’t find your contact info anywhere on the blog, so please e-mail me if you are interested in attending our events, or even just in receiving some of our materials to look over. Thanks!


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