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A Busy Day

Posted by on 23 January 2009

Today turned into quite the day for us.  It all started with hubby’s alarm going off for the first time in a long time.  He had to have and MRI at 7am.  That didn’t last long and he was home.  We all had breakfast together and I got started on our school day.

The Man then left to go to the highway patrol office to get his CDL license.  He had all the paperwork in hand and he’s studied hard for the test.  There was a line, so it took him quite some time to get his turn.  He’s then informed that he had all the right paperwork, but he had the wrong birth certificate.  Oh, he had  his birth certificate, but they didn’t want the one issued when he was born (from the hospital complete with seal).  They wanted a generic one issued by the state.  Luckily we only live 45 minutes from the county office of the state he was born in. 

We talked to the mom of K’s friend and asked if she could ride with us.  Her parents were gracious enough to say “yes”, so we went to pick her up and we were heading down the road.  After our 45 minute drive, we had a computer printed birth certificate 2 minutes later.  Nothing but his name, his parents name and the date.  SHEESH  This, of course, cost us $23.  We then headed to Mardel’s and I picked up a couple books for school on clearance and I got a couple reading books for my religion class that were 2 for $5.  Can’t beat that!!  We all had lunch at Denny’s and were headed home.

We got to visit with K’s friends parents for a bit, but The Man’s cell was ringing off the hook.  They kept calling to make sure we were going to be at a function tonight.  I told him if they called again, they were going to find out in a not so nice way that we don’t answer to the Army any more!!  We arrived about 20 minutes later than they wanted us there, but they were clapping as we entered the door.  Hubby’s unit had welcomed some new people and were saying “bye” to a few leaving.  They presented hubby with a beautiful plaque.  It’s just the nicest thing he’s ever gotten.  Each Drill Sergeant then presented him with their own present.  One got him a “US Army Retired” license plate frame, another got him 2 “US Army Retired” stickers for his windows, then he got a “US Army Retired” baseball cap and finally, he got a “US Army Retired” coffee mug.  It was just too awesome.  Then they called me up and presented me with an “Army wife” coffee mug.  We both also got unit t-shirts.  Hubby gave a speech and there was a whole lot of hand shaking and pats on the back.  


That was the “end” of our busy day.  We surely never expected it to be like this!!  We thought today was the day we were finally going to relax.  HA!!

I’ll post pictures of his plaque tomorrow.  I know I owe some for Christmas and the Olive Garden field trip.  I just got all the Christmas ones off the camera.  Now I have to watermark them and I’ll be able to post.

I’m out…. 

5 Responses to A Busy Day

  1. wreathconnection

    I Love your blog!!! I am writing this comment to let you know that in going through the blogs tonight, that yours was amazing and caught my eye!! I am new to wordpress and am trying to show everyone my website and of course to make new friends. Please check out my blog as well at and let me know what you think!! I Hope to see you there!!

  2. Laura

    At least the day turned out fantastic at the end! Congrats! 🙂

  3. Cricket

    Hey Elaine…did you say relax. What is that? At least it was filled with happy memories.

    Is he adjusting well. I bet is loved it a first and now he is ready to get busy.

  4. Debbie

    Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake up! Wake up!
    Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Wake up! Wake up!

    LOL I’m naughty, I know.

  5. Kathy Young

    What a day! I love Mardels -what did you get? I would love to see the pic of you and hubby wearing the shirts, hat, etc. Awesome gifts from his buddies

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