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Olive Garden

Posted by on 21 January 2009


Yesterday, we had a field trip to Olive Garden.  What a fun trip that was!! 

We learned all about wine.  We learned about how it’s made and how to pair it up with what you’re eating.  It was very informational!!  We also learned about the different types of pasta.  Also, the fillings.  There was taste testing of the dessert menu.  The lemon cheese cake was to die for!!

The kids got coupons for a free meal.  They got coloring books and some other stuff.  We haven’t seen it all yet because Suzie, who set it up, took the box home without knowing it was full of goodies.  Her daughter and Miss K are good friends, so we’ll get it.  Just gives us something to look forward to!!

Taking the field trip in conjunction with a unit on Italy or Romans works perfectly.  After the field trip, Suzie and kids came over to check out my file folder games.  The kids all played outside on a very beautiful afternoon.  The 2 homeschool mom’s sat around discussing different aspects of homeschooling, record keeping, new legislation that OK wants to pass and other things.  It’s always so fun to network and learn from others!!

Now I’m off to finish my lesson plan for CCD tonight!!  When I get home tonight, I’ll add a picture of our field trip!!

7 Responses to Olive Garden

  1. Laura

    That sounds like fun! I want a wine tasting field trip! 🙂

  2. Elaine

    HAHA We didn’t get to taste test the wine. The field trip after all, was for the kids. I probably would have sampled a few though. We do have wineries here, so maybe that’s a parental field trip one day!!

  3. Michelle

    I love Italian food and dessert. Sounds really cool.

  4. Kathy Young

    I love that you shared this – Elaine you need to share more of info like this so that I can copy it. I’m going to call our Olive Garden and see if they’ll do the same thing – thanks so much for sharing

    • Elaine

      Just speak to the manager. Ask them if they’re willing to set-up a field trip for homeschool students. They’re more apt to do it if you do it as a group. Our local groups goes on a field trip a month or every other month. They have a monthly meeting, which I don’t attend and they meet every Friday at the park if the weather’s next.

  5. Cricket

    Hey Elaine. I bet you are loving days like this one. A field trip like these would be neat.

    I remember last year Dylan actually went to the grocery store on a field trip. They went into the freezers, etc. It was really fun.

  6. Debbie

    A pleasant Olive Garden excursion? I don’t hear too much about those. LOL I only like the lasagna and the salad. FREE kids meal? Woo Hoo!

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