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Delurker Day

Posted by on 19 January 2009


I was out cruising and getting up on blog and I found out that there’s actually a “Delurker Day”.  It seems that I missed it because it was on 12 January.  However, I’m making this MY “Delurker Day”.  So all of you that our out there browsing around and hiding behind your computer screen, it’s time to comment and make yourself known.  Today is the day that you have to answer a couple questions.  I’d like to know:

1.  Where are you from??

2.  How did you find me and my blog??

3.  Did you enjoy your stay??

4.  Anything else that you’d like to tell me.

You can’t run.  You can’t hide.  You have to comment and let me know you were here.  It’s time to delurk!!  I’m expecting a record number of comments, so let’s see if you can make my head spin!!

9 Responses to Delurker Day

  1. Debbie

    LOL Why am I the first comment? 🙂

    Sometimes people just like to read. Don’t let the curiousity kill ya!

  2. Laura

    You’re not a lurker. As for me, they call me worse things. 🙂

  3. Elaine

    Only 2 of my buddies commented!! How funny is that!?!? So much for delurking!! 😛

  4. Amanda

    umm I can be your delurker! maybe a day late.

    from OK
    found you from BATW
    Love the blog…

  5. angie

    . Where are you from??
    I was born in UT, but now I reside in CA…..:)

    2. How did you find me and my blog??
    I think you found me, but I’m not sure…….not sure at all……..:)

    3. Did you enjoy your stay??
    Always do!

    4. Anything else that you’d like to tell me
    I always appreciate your visits and love to stop by.

  6. Elaine

    Amanda, I’m very glad that you stopped by and participated in “delurker day”. I’m glad you enjoy it here and I hope that you come back often.

    Angie, glad you stopped by again. I haven’t seen you in awhile. I do hope that you keep returning!!

  7. Kathy Young

    Wow, I’m trying to remember how I found you or did you find me – I can’t remember – I just started following once I knew I loved what you wrote –
    I’m sorry I’ve been quiet – I’m moving – woohoo

    takes some time but I’m trying to catch up in between unpacking

  8. Edward

    You already know about me but for people who don’t know I’m form Lawton/Fort sill I saw that Elaine had a blog and I wanted to check it out.
    I am enjoying the stay. You never know what is going to be posted.

  9. Cricket

    Hey there. I am from Alabama. I think we found each other through the Mom Blogger group. MMMM…I am not sure.

    I love it here. I have a huge problem with getting around lately. I do go back and catch up though.

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