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Blog Construction

Posted by on 18 January 2009


I’ve been at work on my blog again.  I haven’t changed the format because I can’t find something that I like as much.  Especially the blue background.  I’m just a blue girl!!  Mainly what I’ve done is updated some pages.  It’s by no means complete, but I have a good start on it. 

I’ve added a new page called “Follow Me to….”.  This page is all about networking.  I’m on some forums, chat networks and so on.  I thought it’d be fun to share these so that some of my readers might find me there if I’m not on my blog.  Laura got me started on Twitter and that’s when I realized I have alot of communities that I don’t check on often and I’d like to get back to visiting them more often.  That’s the main page that I’m working on and it’s barely even started!!

I updated my “Top Honors” page.  I’ve had it for awhile, but I hadn’t updated it for awhile.  The construction sign is down, so I believe it’s it’s done now.  “Top Honors” is meant to display all the awards that my blogging buddies have so graciously given me.  I also have displayed the ones that I’ve made or special ones that I’ve given to others.  It feels so good to know that my friends care so much and share the blog love with me.  I hope I honor their awards in a good manner on this page.

My blogroll, side bar and other areas are getting cleaned up and revamped.  I’ve made it pretty clear that I want more free blogging time.  I want things easier for me to navigate, but I also want my readers to find what they’re looking for.  A couple of my blogging buddies have opted for starting more blogs, but I don’t want to head that direction….just yet.  (We know who’s really addicted to this blogging thing now!!  HEHE)  Instead I’m adding pages and making things accessible on my side bar.

Finally, I’ve converted some more of my games and other materials into PDF format.  I’ll be uploading them into my 4Shared and then I can put links on my “Christian Printables” and “Homeschool Printables” pages.  I don’t have much for homeschool yet, but I’m working on it….slowly!!  As I told you in a previous post, I counted up my games and have over 100 of them.  That means that little by little I’m convert them and post them to my printables page.  I can only recommend that you check the pages often!!

Maybe one day I’ll have the money to pay for a site.  I doubt it, but maybe!!  LOL  For now, I’ll just update this blog and try to keep myself….and my readers happy.  Watch for some minor….and major changes.  All my pages are listed on the right for easy navigation.  See if you can keep up!!

5 Responses to Blog Construction

  1. Laura

    You go girl! I like talking with you on Twitter!

  2. Debbie

    Darn! 2nd time typing this. I hate it when I click something else before I submit the comment.

    I like that feature that differentiates your writings from K’s. Pretty cool. Now get The Man blogging and he can have his own too. lol

    Lookin’ good!

  3. Kathy Young

    What is Twitter? I’m back from out of state and catching up

  4. Kathy Young

    Hi Elaine, for some reason my tag didn’t post this weekend – it was saved as a draft – I didn’t realize it and I had to scoot out of town. I posted it as soon as I caught it

  5. Cricket

    I am finding simple is better. Just this past weekend I have decided to go back to my original way of blogging. I have finally gotten settled in to whatever changes that took place in my life. I did however join a photography group. I post over there and I have met people from all over the world. I will post a link soon.

    Your daughter would probably like visiting some of the people in my comment section. I have friends from Iran, etc. that are sharing some great pictures from their part of the world. Some are tear jerking.

    It looks good over here.

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