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My Games

Posted by on 16 January 2009

01117213lI’ve been rather curious just how many games I’ve made.  In case some of you don’t know, I create file folder games (ffg).  Most of them are Christian/religion based.  They’re for all age groups and I post them in my Y!Groups.  Debbie and Laura are members and both make games as well.  Laura makes a great deal of the games posted there.

That brings it back to me and the games that I create.  Laura has said that she’s made over 100 ffg.  I’ve never really known or counted how many I made.  They’re all in one folder called “My Creations” on my hard drive and I usually back them up in a flash drive.  To find out how many ffg I’ve made, I had to create folders and move each page and part of the game into it. 

I was shocked to find that after labeling the folders with all the names of the ffg, that I had over 100 folders.  That meant over 100 games!!  WOW!!  Besides that, I had folders for worksheets, books, miscel, and a couple other things that I make from time to time.  I also had a couple folders that had 2 sets of games in them because they were related.  I didn’t count those seperately.  There was also a folder labeled “incomplete”.  I put all the games in there that I’ve started and not completed.  If I remember correctly, there’s at least 12 ffg in there.

I haven’t even counted the stuff I’ve made for homeschool!!  And to think this is just the first year.  I can’t imagine how much stuff I’ll have that I make for the Schoolhouse after a couple years.  SHEESH

So that’s where my creative process stands.  I’m quite impressed and glad that I’ve been able to share that with so many people.  Whenever I get frustrated at the lack of other people creating, there’s always Laura and Debbie to remind me how much people need this stuff and why I do it.  I guess I’ll go right on creating and now I have Miss K as my partner making ffg on occassion!!

Just a reminder that just a portion of the ffg that I make are available to download on my 2 printable pages.  You’ll find links to those pages on the right. 

5 Responses to My Games

  1. Laura

    It’s so much fun making them. I know I’m obsessed! 🙂

    I just finished “Thief!” so I need another to make. Any suggestions? LOL!

  2. Debbie

    I don’t know how many I’ve made, but I know it’s way, way, WAYYYYY less than the two of you. Maybe while I’m reading my Bible this year, I’ll get inspired. lol

  3. Cricket

    I am impressed!

  4. Edward

    I have no idea how to make those games, but I know how to make a movie with windows movie maker.

  5. blessedfamilyofflowers

    Hello, I just recently discovered File Folder Games. I have 4 children and my ffg fit perfectly into our studies (especially for my preschooler/ 1st grader).

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