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Come and Play….Everything’s A-Ok

Posted by on 13 January 2009

Yes, that’s a play on the Sesame Street theme because I was out getting caught up on blogs when I came across a fun meme that Dawn had on her blog that had to do with letters of the alphabet.  I have to admit, I like playing with these meme’s as long as I haven’t done it before.  I hadn’t done the one on Dawn’s blog and I love word games, so I told her to give me a letter and I’d play along.  She gave me the letter….


Here’s the deal….

Dawn tagged me with the letter “R”, so I have to come up with 10 things that I like that start with that letter.  With that said, my 10 “R” things are:

1.  Respect – This one is huge for me.  My dad used to tell me that “respect had to be earned” and I’ve tried to live by that.  I totally respect people that show me they deserve it and I hope that people respect me in return because I try to act in a way that deserves it.  Respect is also one of the things that I think our younger generation has totally lost for the older generation.

2.  Reading–  I just love to read a good book.  I just don’t seem to have enough time to really enjoy a good book any more.  There’s nothing like curling up under the blankie and having a book take you someplace else.  I enjoy reading all different genres too, but not much Sci-Fi.

3.  Rules –  Yes, that’s right, I like rules!!  I grew up with rules and my daughter is growing up with rules.  Rules aren’t meant to be broken, they’re meant to help shape us.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s some really stupid rules out there, especially ones made by state, local and federal agencies.  Not all, but a good many!! 

4.  Raspberries and Rhubarb –  I love picking fresh raspberries and eating them on the spot.  I also love raspberry jam.  YUMMY!!  I grew up eating rhubarb upside down cake and pie.  It’s so delish!!  Have to know what you’re doing though because it’s very bitter without the right amounts of sweetener.

5.  Racing–  Could never leave this one off.  There’s nothing like high speeds for me!!  Put me on any track and I’m happy, or I’d be happy, that is.  I look forward to racing season every year, especially NASCAR.  Oh yeah, let’s go racing!!

6.  Rainbows – There’s nothing prettier than looking up to the sky during a rain storm and seeing all the beautiful colors of the rainbow.  Let’s also not forget that the rainbow is God’s promise to us.  And who knows, maybe I’ll really find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! 

7.  Research –  I know this sounds like an odd thing, but I really do enjoy research.  I like looking things up and finding out information.  I also like the research (drugs and medicine) that help people.  We can all grow from a little research!!

8. Rebates and Refunds –  Who doesn’t like a little money back??  After buying something, I just love to get a rebate check in the mail and a return on part of that purchase price.  I do find that it’s easy to get ripped off on a rebate though.  I’ve sent for many doing all I was supposed to, only to be told they never received it.  Nothing is better than that tax refund every year.  We generally have ours spent before we even get it.  I wish I could get a couple refunds a year!!

9.  Rings – I wear 3 rings and I have a 4th, but it needs to be resized.  I love rings.  Never anything big.  I like classy and moderate.  Even my engagement ring isn’t huge, but I love it.  I keep telling hubby and kiddo that I’d love a Mother’s Ring one day with the 3 of us for the birthstones.  I think our colors would be beautiful and since I only have one kiddo, it’d make it a full set.  I know lots of people that do the parents with the kids.  But I don’t care what others like or do, it’s what I want!!  HEHE

10.  Romance –  Ah yes, true romance.  Dinner by candlelight with music playing softly in the background.  Going to movies or out dancing.  OOOO LA LA  And let’s not forget red is a pretty sexy and romantic color to go along with that evening under the satin sheets!!

I have a few more that I could have added.  I think these sum me and what I like up pretty well though.  If there was one that really should be there it’s ribeye, because I just love steak.  I’m a meat and taters kind of girls!!  Keeping it on food, I could add rice and ranch.  One never has enough ranch with their nuggets!!

If you’d like to play, just let me know in a comment and I’ll give you a letter that I choose.  I hope you call will play along!!

P.S.  I have another meme to do within the next couple days because I told Laura I’d do hers too!!

8 Responses to Come and Play….Everything’s A-Ok

  1. Laura

    I wanna play!

    *Go to my blog because I have given you an award. ((hugs))

  2. Debbie

    Oooo, pick me, pick me! 🙂 Wait, you won’t give me Z, will you? LOL

  3. Laura

    I hope she gives you the letter Z! LOL! That would be a hard one.

    Well, one could be

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- I love to sleep.

  4. Elaine

    I’ve left a comment on both of your blogs with your letter. This was fun and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!! (Laura – N, Debbie – T)

  5. Kathy Young


    I’ll play – this looks fun!

  6. Elaine

    I’m so glad that you’re playing along, Kathy!! I posted your letter in a comment. I can’t wait to see what you do!!

    (Kathy – L)

  7. Cricket

    Wow….that was good. Romance, rings, research are my favorite. Well, shoot..respect, rainbows….

    I love these little post. I have not been over in a while. I am enjoying getting caught up.

  8. Dawn

    Oh, Girl! R was a great letter for you! Rebates and Refunds… I would have NEVER thought of that one.

    Ribeye’s on the other hand would have been the top of my list! LOL! I kid… probably Reading.

    Thank you for playing along!!

    Now, I’d love to have you go and vote for me. I’ve been nominated for Best Family Blog in the Okie Blog Awards.

    Thank you so much Elaine!! 🙂

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