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Driver’s Test

Posted by on 12 January 2009


I feel like I’m 16 again!!  For the past 20 years (and before), I’ve had a Texas driver’s license.  In Germany, I had to get one to drive over there, but I didn’t have to take a test.  Now after 20 years in the military, I have to change my license.

As long as Lean Green was in the Army, I kept the driver’s license from our home of record….Texas.  Now that he’s retired, I have to get a new one.  I’ve never had to worry about testing since I was 16.  Texas just renews so easily.  Now, I even do it on the computer.  I figured changing to Oklahoma was going to be easy.  Oh h*ll no!!  Nothing is easy!!

I have to get my driving record cleared.  Ok, like with today’s technology, they can’t just check that on the computer??  Please!!  There’s a couple other things I have to do.  On top of it all, I have to take the written portion of the driving test.  What??  TEST!!  You’ve got to be kidding.  So hubby tries to get the handbook and they tell him they’ve been out for months and we’ll have to print it from online.  What??  Do I look like I’m made out of money to print a whole handbook??  Please!! 

So finally the books are in stock.  I now have to study this on top of finishing my Level II & III certification, making CCD lessons plans and teaching, making homeschool lessons and teaching, bowling, Science Fair, church choir and numerous other things.  Oh yeah, this is going to go well.  Piece of cake!!  Lean Green has longer to study than I do.  I have to have my new license the day he retires.  However, he has 90 days after the date he’s officially out to get his.

Anyone else short and fat with brown hair and eyes willing to study, take the test and pose for the photo for me??  HAHAHAHA  Nah, I got it covered.  You drive like you own the road, don’t use your turn signals because it might break your arm, never look in your mirrors, cut people off and drive like you stole it!!  HAHAHAHAHA

Maybe if I fail, I can just wait for Miss K.  She’ll be taking it soon enough and then I won’t have to drive!!  HAHA  Oye, let’s not talk about that.  SHEESH  It’ll be here before I’m ready!!

4 Responses to Driver’s Test

  1. Dawn

    I’m laughing about you waiting so your daughter can drive you around! LOL

    My dad was dating the head honcho over the drivers license divsion at one time. She had told him how strict it has gotten.

    In ways I know it’s a good thing. Because let’s face it… we don’t want ignorant people driving the roads. LOL!

    Okay, now for your letter….. How about the letter R??? Send me a link when you get it posted. 🙂

  2. Laura

    Let MONK take the test for ya! LOL!

  3. Debbie

    LOL Driving Miss Elaine….CRAZY!! Oh no! What if you don’t pass the test?!!! K will tease you forever. LOL

    Laura…How is MONK doing with the driving?

  4. Cricket

    Oh my goodness…this is so crazy. I know I would fail the test unless I studied.

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