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Almost Time to Start the Engines

Posted by on 3 January 2009


Now that the new year is here, it’s time for us NASCAR fans to start thinking about racing.  It won’t be long ’til we hear those engines cranking up again.  Yes, it’s almost time for the Daytona 500 and the start of the racing season!!  Each year lately, I say that I won’t be watching NASCAR like I usually do every Sunday (and sometimes Saturday night), but how can I not!?!?  I love it!!  I wasn’t excited about the Car of Tomorrow (CoT), which is now the car of today.  But then my man, #88 Jr., joins Hendrick which is the BEST team out there.  The only problem is, now Miss K and I are teammates and it’s much harder to fight with each other.  Although, we’re still opponents on the track and nobody really wants Jeff Gordon to win!!  HAHA  Then there’s my daddy and his man, Jimmie Johnson, who’s won the championship 3 years strait now.  Mark Martin joins the team this year and it’s going to make for one heck of a season. 

We’ll just have to wait until the end of the season to see how it all sorts out.  In the meantime, I’m putting a Daytona 500 ticker at the top of my blog to keep track of just how many days until I’m on the edge of my seat and yelling for MORE SPEED!!  Only thing better is being in the stands with the roar of the engines, seats vibrating as the cars fly by in a blur, the smell of exhaust and the sight of your driver in the winners circle!! 

If you ain’t rubbin’, you ain’t racing!!

8 Responses to Almost Time to Start the Engines

  1. Kathy Young

    My husband would love you!

  2. Elaine

    HAHA That’s too funny!! My hubby’s not into sports at all. I love football too, but it’s not a must watch as long as I get all the scores!!

  3. Debbie

    Oh boy, Elaine’s revving her engines! Step away from the TV. LOL I could be wrong, but I think you’ve been blogging for a year? Seems you talked about this before. Maybe it was the end of the season.

    Now myself, I’m working on my pitch analysis. So I can pick the next……American Idol! Sadly, the one’s I pick never win. LOL

  4. Laura

    Since I grew up in Daytona, racing is in my blood. My father used to play golf with a golf pro and he knew the owner of the Daytona Speedway. He would get us FREE tickets to all the races (car and motorcycle). 🙂

  5. angie

    Happy New Year. My dad is a huge NASCAR fan, and I know he’s looking forward to it!

  6. Cricket

    oops. I left my comment on the one above. Don’t laugh at me…I promise I am normal.

  7. Elaine

    Debbie, 96 days from today is my Blogoversary!! And yes, I’m sure I’ve talked about racing before. I know Jr. got wiped out in a race and I talked about that. I might have mentioned the end of the season. It’s the one sport that I love!! LOL

  8. Elaine

    Laura, I could handle FREE tickets!! LOL We can’t really afford to go to Texas any more. We used to go every year.

    I know you’re “normal” Tammy, whatever that is!! LOL Comments are good, no matter where they’re left!!

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