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Daily Archives: 27 December 2008

Travel and Shopping

Today we had to take K to my parents.  She stays with them twice a year.  Once during summer vacation and once for Christmas break.  She loves her time out there and it’s their time.  This year it seemed so sudden after Christmas.  She’s out there for a whole week and already has her time out there planned. 

Mom and Dad plan to enjoy this time too!!  We have all kinds of household chores to get done that we try to ignore while she’s here keeping us busy.  We’re also going to have date night.  We’ll probably go someplace for dinner and see a movie.  Hey, it’s not exciting, but it’s something we don’t normally get to do!!

On our way to meet my parents, we stopped in OKC to go to Target.  That store was cleaned out!!  I was looking for a convection oven for my mom.  They don’t have much shopping in their little town, so I try to find things here or in OKC when we go through.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I told my parents that I’d stop at Kohl’s on the way home.  I really enjoy going to that store.  It was a successful stop too!!  Got mom what she needed and picked up a couple small goodies for us!!  I also went to Mardel to look for homeschool books.  I got a Physical Science lab book for 90% off!!  It was like $3 for it!!  You can’t beat that with a 10′ pole, despite the fact she won’t be using it for science for a couple years.  Text books don’t change that much and I can adjust for that price.

Oh what to do first with all this time alone!?!?

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