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The Big 3: To Bailout or Not

Posted by on 23 December 2008



I can’t even believe that there’s a question as to whether or not we should bailout the big 3 U.S. auto manufacturers.  It should have already happened and no doubts should even be raised.  I come from a town with a GM plant.  Layoffs, cut backs and so on effect more than just the people in that plant.  If we can bailout the financial industry who’s played with our money for years and spends millions on pure waste, we can support the American auto workers.

Let me tell you that if these big 3 auto makers are allowed to fold, it’s going to effect millions of people.  It won’t just be the people in the plants that lose their jobs.  Every dealership will go under.  Every supplier will lose business if not go under as well.  Mechanics will be out of work.  Warehouses, part shops and so on will have to cut back or go under.  Tire companies will have to cut back.  This is going to effect MILLIONS of people, not just 3 businesses!!

The American people need to take a look at themselves for part of the reason this is happening.  The American people made foreign cars popular.  Every time someone buys a car from Japan, Korea or any foreign country, an American auto work suffers for it.  Each time, the American auto business suffers!!  Foreign cars aren’t better.  Foreign cars don’t last longer.  They might be cheaper, but at what cost??

Our American government is to blame.  They’re the ones that keep pushing and stressing free trade.  Our government is the ones that allow all these foreign cars in our country.  If we export 500 cars, we import 2,000 cars.  Is that free and balanced trade??  Hell no!!

The same financial industry that’s already received a bailout is to blame as well.  Their money controls everything.  The rates they set, the loans they give, the money that’s our that they play with….it’s all about them.  Yet, they were given a bailout with no questions asked.  They’re still flying their jets.  They’re still having parties.  They’re STILL abusing the system!!

Yet our Congress doesn’t see fit to save millions of jobs.  They think the big 3 in autos need to give even more.  They want to dictate through an “auto czar” what the auto industry can do and regulate everything.  Did you do this for Wall St??  Did you fire every executive in charge and make them totally revamp their system??  Did you put someone in charge to oversee their every move??  The answer is NO!!  Yet millions of Americans, their jobs, health care, well being and very lives don’t matter because they’re just automobile workers, suppliers, dealers and associates.  This is the same Congress that makes sure they have pay raises and benefits.  This is the same Congress that lets so many imports into our country and encourages outsourcing of our jobs. 

Who is it that Congress is supposed to work for??

Enough already!!  Bailout these auto makers.  Give the big 3 their loans!!  Either that, or I demand my tax dollars BACK from these financial instituions who are still abusing the system and will never repay a dime of bailout.  Oh yes, that’s right, the financial institutions got their money free and clear without ever having to repay it.  The American auto industry just wants a loan that they’re repay.  I ask again…..

Who does Congress work for??

3 Responses to The Big 3: To Bailout or Not

  1. edward

    I can’t beleive they won’t bailout the American automobile buisness. Greedy government.

  2. Debbie

    I don’t know enough about this issue to voice an opinion. Perhaps the reason they wait is because it WILL be repayed and then they (the govt) won’t be in control of the companies?

    I do think it’s odd how we jump to the rescue of every other darn country before we jump to the rescue of our own.

  3. Elaine

    Yes Debbie, we do that. Too bad our own people don’t mean as much as other countries do. It’s a shame. Read up on it. It’s interesting!!

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