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Army Life: Retirement Ceremony

Posted by on 21 December 2008


I haven’t posted much lately for Army Life. Things are just so busy right now. Then I thought about it and realized that much of that is due to Lean Green’s retirement. Therefore, I should be sharing our retirement adventure with you all!!

The 21st was a month ago that we were at the Retirement Ceremony.  I don’t think I told you all just how awesome it was.  It was cold too!!  How’s a woman supposed to look good while she’s shivering in the wind??  HAHA  Everyone viewing the ceremony was wrapped up in big coats, hats, scarfs and mittens.  But not me, I had to look good!!  HAHA

We had some really wonderful people share this day with us.  Right in the front row was Miss K, my parents and hubby’s parents.  My Uncle Al and Aunt Marge came down from WI for the ceremony as well.  After the ceremony, we had an Open House with enough food to feed an Army!!  The next day, our good friend Scott, his wife and their beautiful daughter came up from Dallas to share this time with us.  We’ve known Scott since our first duty assignment in Germany!!  We had some other good friends missing, but sometimes life happens that way.

We’ve been told that the Retirement Ceremony here is the best Army-wide.  There’s no post that can compare.  I believe it!!  There was a unit in formation through the whole ceremony.  There was also the Army Band and a Half Section.  A Half Section is a horse-drawn cannon and it’s a site to see.  We got to stand as the troops passed in review.  There’s so many handshakes and congrats.  Lean Green was presented with a folded flag in a case and his Retirement Certificate.  I was also presented with a certificate.

I just can’t put into words everything about the ceremony.  Anything I’d type would be boring and bland in comparison to the actual ceremony.  After serving over 20 years, this was a wonderful and memorable way to end a career.  I still remember the beginning of it all and I’ll never forget the end of it either.

One of the most fun things we did was to have our picture taken in the exact same spot that we did over 2o years prior when he graduated from Basic Training here.  My how time flies!!  My how we change!!  HAHA  Maybe one day I’ll share the beginning and the end pictures!!  For now, here’s my photo share of that special day, the Retirement Ceremony.


10 Responses to Army Life: Retirement Ceremony

  1. Debbie

    Busy, busy, busy. Retirement. Busy. Do those words go together. LOL

    You look just lovely in my favorite color. You don’t look cold at all, even with the snowflakes falling down around you. Ha! Now I’m dying to see the beginning picture. LOL

  2. Laura

    How did you know that purple was my favorite color! Gimme, gimme!

  3. Annette Piper

    Thanks for sharing the special event with us! Hahaha on the having to look good regardless of freezing 😉 Looks like it was a beautiful day!

  4. Elaine- totallylikeme

    looooove that purple coat!! you sexy momma!! Merry Christmas sister!!

  5. edward

    Congrats, I’m happy you were’nt too close to what was behind you.

  6. Elaine

    Ladies (Debbie, Laura and Elaine): I’m so glad that you like my purple leather coat!! That’s one of my favorite finds and best deals. It’s genuine leather and from Dillard’s. I got it on SALE for $50 (regular price was $175)!! HEHE

    I had on a pretty purple sweater under it and purple heels too!!

    It was an awesome day!!

  7. Elaine

    Annette, it was beautiful but it was freezing!! It was worth every bit of it though. It was a wonderful ceremony. You know us girls must look good no matter what for our men!! LOL

  8. Elaine

    We patted the butts of what’s behind us, Edward. They were beautiful animals and I’m so glad they’re part of the ceremony. It’s something others don’t get to experience.

  9. Tammy Warren

    Hey there. I am so sure you were standing there so proud while you were freezing.

    I tip my hat to the both of you. He did not do this alone. Right? There is always a wife/mom behind most good men.

    Merry Christmas to you. You look beautiful in the picture.

    (I am still going to email you about my changes…I just finished a course I was taking so I will be slowing down.)

  10. Elaine

    I was very proud while I was freezing. I just can’t believe how far we’ve come sometimes. In the beginning, we didn’t think this day would ever come, but now it’s over. It’s an odd feeling!!

    You’re very right, Tammy, I’ve always been there. He’s never let me forget either. He’s a good one and we’ve had one heck of a career/life so far!!

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