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Homeschool 101: Subjects

Posted by on 17 December 2008


I’ve had to refocus and get back on track a few times already this year. I think that’s pretty typical for any homeschool family. I’d say it’s really important for new homeschoolers to do this. At first, we weren’t sure of how much time we’d have or what kind of restraints we’d have. When first choosing our classes, I went for all the basic subjects and knew I could edit as needed.

When we first started and for the entire first grading period, we did the basics.  Our subjects included English, Math, Spelling, Social Studies, Science and Reading.  On top of that, K was doing Religion, Handwriting and Journal.  We don’t keep up well on the Journal.  For some reason, I can’t bring myself to enforce that one. 

I had some “specials” ready to go at any time, but we didn’t do them much until we had our schedule down and all the basics.  Some might call these electives.  For the 2nd quarter, we added Life Skills and Safety, P.E. and Health, Music, Art and Spanish.  Spanish has been totally dropped.  One of the things the pissed me off about public and private school was that she was forced to learn Spanish.  I don’t think any child of any age should be forced to learn a certain language, especially when it’s for others and not that child.  Anyway, that’s a personal choice.  However, we will add a foreign language later, but it will be K’s choice and we’ll do it right with curriculum.

Life Skills is all about things that will help her in “real life”.  Sometimes it’s cooking, cleaning or working on the car.  Other times, it’s people skills, careers and other such topics.  Safety is just that, different types of safety whether it’s storms, fire, working on a car or cooking.  We do this one day a week, which is the same for all the “specials”.

P.E. and Health is pretty much what it’s called as well.  In Health, she works on what it’s like to be a girl, parts of the body, diet, food pyramid and more.  We’re not strict about P.E. as long as she’s getting exercise.  Often it includes chasing her dog around the back yard until they drop.  She’s also in a homeschool bowling league one day a week and that’s a good indoor workout!!  Right now in Health, she’s doing the respiratory system, so it entails many things.

We haven’t done much for Music yet.  She’s learned about a couple composers and types of music.  She’s very diverse in what she listens to.  Everything except Hip Hop/Rap.  She enjoys learning about all things Music.  Art is much the same.  We’ll pick an artist, she’ll learn about that person and then try to recreate one of their works.  We haven’t done much with this class yet, but we’re expanding.  She really loves working with different mediums, so this class will definitely grow.

In the next installment of “Homeschool 101”, I’ll discuss schedules.  Subjects very much has to do with schedules, time limits and length of class.

4 Responses to Homeschool 101: Subjects

  1. Laura

    For music, why not get a cheap keyboard and teach piano lessons. You can find a real cheap easy book at a music store and learn together.

    Language- what about Sign Language or Braille?

    I can teach all the above and I am willing to move on down as long as I can bring my boyfriend with me. 🙂

  2. Elaine

    She has a keyboard. She’s not interested in learning how to play it “right”. She loves to listen to music and sing. She has NO desire to learn how to play anything. She says if she ever does, it’ll be the drums…..and that won’t happen in THIS house!!

    She loves sign lanugage and I might go into it deeper with her. It’s very fun to learn. However, I’m on the lookout for a Latin curriculum. It’ll take her some time to learn and it’s something that she very much needs for her future.

    Move on down!! It’s cold here, but I’m sure not as bad as up there in the great North!!

  3. Debbie

    Journals: My girls use them at school, but very sporadically. They use them for reading mostly. They’ll have an assigned reading and then a question or essay they have to write. Would that be easier for K? And you? 🙂

    I’m tired just reading about your journey so far. I still don’t think I could do it. Not disciplined enough and…too lazy.

  4. Elaine

    She hasn’t had to do much with the books she’s read or the read-aloud books. I verbally quiz her over them, but that’s about it. I want her to start doing book reports after the first of the year. Maybe after a couple of those, she can do journal entries instead. It’s a possibility!!

    You’d be more organized than you think. This is just the way that we prefer to do it. There’s many that are unschoolers and have other methods. I’m not certain about them, but they say it works. I have to say that other than not having the time I used to have, I really love it!!

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