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New Poll: Add Another Blog or Not

Posted by on 1 December 2008

My gal pal Laura is trying to get me in trouble again!!  HAHA  First, she suggested that I start a regular feature on homeschooling.  I thought this was a great idea, so I started my feature, Homeschooling 101.  Now, she’s got the idea that maybe I should create a whole new blog just for homeschool.  Maybe even add some of my religious education materials to it.

I decided that I’d create a poll to see what you, my readers think I should do.  If I do create this other blog, I’d probably only post in it 1-3 times a week.  Saying I’d post 3 times might be a stretch since I’m barely keeping up right now.  After the first of the year, it might be easier and more possible.

Therefore, I’m asking all of you, my family, friends and readers to vote.  Let me know what you think about me creating a new blog.  I can either keep making my entries for homeschool and religious education here, or I can move them to my new blog.  You’ll help me make the decision.  I will not strictly create the new blog on your vote to or not to do it, but it will help me know how you feel about it.   So, please vote!! 

4 Responses to New Poll: Add Another Blog or Not

  1. Laura

    I think you know how I voted! LOL!

    I created another blog just for CCD stuff and found that others really do need and want ideas for their classrooms. I get more hits on that blog than my other one. LOL!

  2. Debbie

    I evened you all out on the poll. LOL I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. It’s kind of a personal choice I think. But if you do, you know I’ll follow it.

  3. Elaine

    LOL Yes Laura, I’m sure I know how you voted. Part of the reason that blog gets more hits is because it’s in the signature line of every e-mail you send. It helps!! I know from my stats when people come to my blog by the link in e-mail

    Thanks Debbie!! It is kinda of personal. I’m glad Laura thinks I can do it, I just don’t know. Sometimes I can barely keep up now. That’s also why I clearly stated that the votes alone won’t decide!! LOL

  4. Elaine

    Alright, I’ve finally ended the poll. There were 3 NO, 2 YES and 2 UNDECIDED. That was pretty close. I think for now at least, I’ve come up with my alternative, which is to upload my stuff into 4Shared. That way I can still share all my materials and not have to worry about space or special entries. As you can tell, I barely seem to be keeping up now!!

    Thanks to all who voted!!

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