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Homeschool 101: Course of Study

Posted by on 26 November 2008

My online gal pal, Laura, e-mailed me and said that she knows people who’d like to homeschool or who want to know more about our homeschool.  I really don’t blog much about our homeschool because it all just flows so easily.  But I do realize that many people have questions about homeschool and there’s also many skeptics out there.  So what better way to inform people than to blog about it.  Please keep in mind, homeschooling is different for each family.  This will just be ourtake on homeschool.  I’m going to call this series Homeschool 101 and hope that you all find it interesting, find useful information, get a question answered or just learn something new about homeschooling.


There’s so many things to discuss with homeschooling.  They’re all important, but I’m going to start with “course of study”.  Nobody knows your kids better than you do.  Each one is different and each one learns in their own way.  One of the main benefits of homeschooling is that you can focus on these strengths and help enforce and expand the weaknesses.  Like all kids, Miss K is better at some subjects than others.  She’s not “behind” her grade level in any subjects, but she does work ahead in some and at grade level in others.  Knowing this will help you choose your curriculum or decide on what books or methods you’ll use to teach the classes.

Another thing that helps make these choices is “course of study”.  Course of study is just the basics of what each child should know at certain grade levels.  This isn’t to say this is all that you should teach or the only things that they should know, but it’s a good guide.  For me, I check in with the grade 5 and grade 6 typical course of study from World Book.  For us, it’s a great guide to see if K is on track, falling behind or if she’s even jumped ahead.  

Knowing what is more or less expected of your child will help in determining what curriculum if any you’ll use.  It’ll also help decide on how much time is spent on each class because you’ll know how well they learn that type of material.  In a later posting of Homeschool 101, I’ll discuss curriculum and other teaching methods.

It’s just important to remember that your child is never really “behind”.  Just because you didn’t get to a certain topic or something tripped you up along the way, doesn’t mean that you aren’t still right on schedule or even maybe ahead.  If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll remember an earlier posting where I stopped everything in math and we strictly focused on multiplication.  K was struggling with multiplication facts even though she pushed on last year.  We never got “behind” because now she knows what she’s doing, has them memorized and doesn’t have to struggle with the harder lessons that we’ve moved on to.

I’ll be doing Homeschool 101at least once a week and sometimes more.  If there’s anything that you’d like to know about, request a future post, have a question on or anything else homeschool related, please post a comment and I’ll be happy to include it in one of my Homeschool 101 entries. 

6 Responses to Homeschool 101: Course of Study

  1. Laura

    YAY! I can’t wait for more! 🙂

    Okay, I’m sitting at my little desk with my hands folded and I’m waiting for Miss Elaine to teach me a few things.

  2. Debbie

    This should be interesting. I’m sitting next to Laura. 🙂

  3. Laura


    Miss Elaine likes me better! 🙂

  4. Elaine

    Now you girls need to behave or I’ll have to get out the ruler!!

    Hope you enjoy the series and I really want it to benefit others. Thanks for the idea, Laura!! Let me know what would be of interest, Debbie.

  5. Laura

    *Laura sticks her tongue out at Debbie*


  6. Elaine

    😮 LAURA!!

    You get in the corner right now!!


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