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Trying to Breathe Again and Prayers Answered

Posted by on 24 November 2008

Well, the big weekend is over.  I have a couple posts for the days over the weekend.  I just never had time to complete and post them.  Keep checking back to older posts as I complete and post the entries.

It turns out that the biggest news over the weekend wasn’t the Retirement Ceremony, open house, dinner or family visiting.  It turns out that the Baby dog was the biggest news.  Friday, she had some diarrhea, but we thought it was nerves and upset tummy from a house full of people.  Suddenly she started throwing up and it soon turned to blood.  We all went to bed praying for her and hoping that it’d pass soon.  When I got up Saturday morning, she was weak and still throwing up, but I had to get to class.  My dad said she was acting like she was poisoned.  I couldn’t believe that anyone would hurt her and just said she got into something with all the people here.  For some reason, class got out a whole hour early and when I got home, I was told to find a vet because my Baby was sicker than expected.  She threw up blood the whole time I was gone, she was cold and could barely hold herself up.  I called the only vet I saw opened on Saturday and I had 10 minutes to get her there before they closed.  The vet had nothing good to say.  She said that it appeared that my innocent Baby had been poisoned.  Her chances of surviving were minimal.  Her body temp was 96 and her system was going in shock and she’d be shutting down.  They could keep her over the weekend for $800 minimum and she still might not make it.  I love her like my child, but I just don’t have that kind of money and then know that she’d die without me.  So hubby held me up while I cried and held her and we asked what we could do.  The vet told us to get some Pedilyte and some beef or chicken baby food.  Thin it out and force feed her.  She gave her meds to stop the vomiting and some antibiotics.  She said that’s all that we could possibly do and her chances were slim.  I went home and announced to all our family that we didn’t have any more celebrating to do because Baby was probably going to die.  I was forced to wrap her in a blanket and leave her home alone while we went to dinner.  I was so worried as to what I was going to come home to, but she was right where I laid her in the blankie.  One of our guests showed me how to force feed her and she took Pedilyte whenever I gave it to her.  She took her meds in the baby food that night.  We all prayed that night for got to look after one of his sweetest and most innocent creatures.  

We all awoke Sunday morning to bright eyes and a wag of the tail.  She was very weak, but tried to make us all feel better.  The family departed and she stuck her head out of the blankets for kisses from each of them.  By the end of the day, her body was warm and her eyes were bright, but she was weak.  She was drinking Pedilyte on her own, but still only taking baby food a couple times during the day.

Today, she has been up walking around the house.  She wags her tail and she eats dog food soaked in Pedilyte.  She’s still very tired and curls up in the blanket often.  She even went outside to go potty and came right back in to warm up with her blanket.  We’ll take her back to the vet tomorrow.  We want her checked out to see what they think of her progress.  Tonight was the last of her meds, so it’ll be a good time to check in with the vet and get an update.  It does appear that Baby is going to be alright though.

God does listen to our prayers and he is good.  He truly takes care of his creatures.

I do ask that each of you say a prayer for Baby as we take her to the vet tomorrow.  It’ll be the true test of her healing and getting back on the healthy path.  Even if the vet says she’s going to be alright, she’s to a long way to go to be herself again.  She’ll be needing all our strength and love to get her fully well, but we’ll be there!!

In between nursing the Baby, we’re trying to do laundry, clean up the house and do our classes for homeschool.  The last thing we want is to be off schedule right now.  Plus, let’s not forget the Thanksgiving feast just a couple days away!! 

Ah yes, we have much to be thanful for!!


4 Responses to Trying to Breathe Again and Prayers Answered

  1. Debbie

    How horrible! Any ideas on how she was poisoned? I hope she keeps continuing to improve. Hugs for everybody. Keep us posted.

  2. Edward

    Just remember she may be small but, she’s tough.
    Hope she gets a lot better each day. I’ll keep
    her in my prayers. THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elaine

    No idea, Debbie. It had to be one of our neighbors. Most likely mouse poison. Their cats are always in our yard and we whacked one pretty hard when it attacked our dogs in OUR yard the other day. They probably saw it and got pissed and instead of taking care of their nasty critters, decided to get even by killing ours. Didn’t work though. Little one is a fighter and she’s going to be alright. The vet called her a miracle.

    Edward, you’re so right. She is a fighter and with our love and all the prayers, she’s going to be ok. Amen!!

  4. Miss K

    I am so glad that the little one is doing good.

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