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Daily Archives: 18 November 2008

I’m Back!!

I want to say THANK YOU for all the well wishes while I was sick.  THANKS for all the caring words and checking on me.


After being knocked out for 2 days, I’m back!!  I just barely made it through class on Saturday.  I came home and went strait to bed.  I got up Sunday and went to church, but came strait home and went back to bed.  Yesterday, Monday, I was feeling better, but moving slow and got tired so easily.  I managed to get our classes taught early and took a couple of naps.  Today, I woke up feeling good and every time I blow my nose, my head explodes!!  I mean literally too!!  I had a head cold and my sinuses were full.  I can finally hear again today too.

I know many of you wondered or thought it was from the flu shot, but it wasn’t.  I was already tired when I went in for the shot.  I probably got it from one of the kiddos I teach, bowling or even someone sick at the hospital.  The shot had nothing to do with it.  I fully believe in getting the flu shot.  I’ve never gotten sick from the shot, nor has kiddo.  She gets hers every year right along with me.  If you get sick from the flu shot, that means you were already carrying the virus and it won out.  I can’t afford to get the flu.  The last time I did, I passed out.  I could die from the flu.  Well, anyone can, but I’m high risk with my diabetes.  The flu, with fever and vomiting, just throws my sugar out of whack and my body can’t handle it.  The Man and K are on pins and needles to see if I make it through.  None of us have had the flu since we started getting our shots.  We might get symptoms or extreme mild cases, but nothing like those around us.  Yep, I believe in those flu shots!!  This year, the needle was horrible.  It’s normally small and I don’t feel a thing.  This year it was more like the pneumonia shot….yuck!!

Anyway, it was a busy day, recovering or not.  The cake is ordered and 2 large sandwiches.  The veggies are bought for the veggie tray and some of the fruits too, along with cheese and crackers.  Did I mention I ordered a HUGE cake??  HAHA  It’s going to be delish!!  I bought almost everything at Sam’s.  It’s just a better price for quantity needed for an Open House/Party. 

I’ll be in a new outfit while I’m on stage with Lean Green.  I found some gorgeous purple open-toe pumps I just had to have.  After having them and not a real outfit to go with, I decided to roam my closet and then go shopping.  I bought a pretty 3/4 sleeve purple sweater that I’ll just wear a black tank under with gray/black pin stripe slacks.  That way, warm or cold, I’ll be ready for the weather.  If it’s too cold, I’ll have to wear a coat.  Yes, this whole retirement ceremony is done outside.  It’s quite awesome though.  Some of the trainees will be in formation and the horse-drawn cannon will be part of it.  Lean Green will, of course, be dressed in his Class-A uniform.  He’ll never again wear his Drill Sergeant hat.  I’m sure going to miss the brown round.  It definitely became part of our life.  However, if his unit does as they’re supposed to do, they’ll take up a collection and get him a nice plaque with a brown round mounted on it.  He’s spent 3 years donating to those leaving so they can receive one, I just hope they pay him the same respect.  He’s earned it, that’s for sure!!

Well, I’m off.  I’ll be getting caught up on all the blogs as I have time.  If I don’t make it around, don’t be upset or think I’ve left you.  Tomorrow is homeschool bowling league, our regular classes, cleaning and my religion class I teach.  Thursday, the families all start to arrive and we have hair appointments on top of our regular Schoolhouse.  Then Friday is the BIG day….the Retirement Ceremony!!  When that’s all said and done, we have our Open House/Party.  I imagine people will be coming and going most of the evening.  Saturday is our family celebration with a nice dinner out and an Army friend from Germany will be joining us (with our parents).  Sunday, the families start the departing process.  So, you see, I’m not abandoning you.  I will be around as time permits and well, if there’s no time, look for me early next week (although I’m sure I’m going to need to release a bit and get online!!).

Ya’ll have a GREAT one…and stay healthy!!

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