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Sick in Bed

Posted by on 15 November 2008


Yes, the above picture resembles me today.  I’ve been zapped.  As soon as I got my flu shot, I didn’t feel good, but after a good night’s sleep, I awoke feeling fine.  Then last night, I had such a sore throat that I could barely talk and it was all swollen.  I decided not to let K sleep with me just in case I was getting sick last night.  The Man had duty and wouldn’t be home until this morning.  I slept alright, but woke up with a runny nose and the throat was worse!!  I had to drive on because I had class this morning.  I made it through class, but I came home and crawled in bed.  I’ve fallen asleep a couple times.  I can’t seen to catch my nose….it really took off running.  As night has come on, I’ve gotten a fever to go along with it all.

I’m just so annoyed that I’m sick right now.  There’s so much work to do around the house and shopping to do.  There’s only 6 days until the Retirement Ceremony and all the family will be here the day prior.  What a time for me to be down and out!!  UGH  I can’t stand not feeling good, much less having so much to do.  Ah, why me and why now!?!?  SHEESH

I know the shot isn’t what made me sick.  My resistance must have already been down.  Then I got the shot and my body doing what it’s supposed to, tried to attack it and this nasty cold took over.  One way or the other, I’ll trudge through.  We have to go to church tomorrow because K has Altar Server duty.  I don’t plan on being out any longer than necessary.  At some point, I’ll get all my work done.  I just want my bed right now!!

Ya’ll stay well!!

7 Responses to Sick in Bed

  1. Michelle

    Get well soon. I would like to hear more Retirement Ceremony. Take care

  2. Laura

    So sorry you are feeling bad. Get well soon!

    I think I have a sinus infection. UGH! It feels like Kicker got me in the cheek a good one. 🙂

  3. Cricket

    Oh me… are still sick. Get better. I will float above one more notch and see if you are better now.

    I am behind in blogging and catching up….I am working my way to the top.

  4. Debbie

    Aww..hope you feel better soon. I always thought those flu shots made you sick before they started to work. My mom always got sick after she got one. Here’s hoping whatever it is will wear off quickly.

  5. Edward

    Sorry………I don’t like getting sick. And now my computer got a virus while I was working onmy nine weeks project and this virus/rouge anti- spyware is herd to get rid of, well……..
    GET WELL SOON. Hope it goes away the next day.

  6. Elaine

    Michelle, I’ll be posting more soon. I’m well again, but just have been very busy. I’ll be getting caught up. Stay tuned!!

    Ladies and Edward, thanks for commenting and visiting. I’m just now getting caught up. As you know by now, I’m all better, just in a hectic mess. Hoping things ease even though Christmas isn’t far off.

  7. Miss K

    Mama get better! I mean it!

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