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Army Life: Moving

Posted by on 9 November 2008


We don’t have a whole lot of experience moving. Moving in the Army is known as a PCS and we didn’t do alot of this.  We’ve spent the last 13 years at the same post.  It didn’t come without a price though.  Lean Green had 2 unaccompanied tours to Korea.  Those lasted a year each.  He’s had to go to school a few times while stationed here and that was always someplace else.  He went to Iraq and was stabilized when he returned.  Just as he was about to go back, he came down on orders for Drill Sergeant school.  He’s spent 3 years on the trail.  “On the trail” just means that he’s been on Drill Sergeant duty.  It’s taken it’s toll on our family.  He was at work more than he was home.  He’s always tired and his health and body took a beating.  But, at least we always knew he’d come home and he was “here”.

We have a large wooden box in our garage.  We’ve had it since we left Germany.  It stored our curio cabinet in the move.  It’s worked so well at keeping it safe that we’ve never gotten rid of it.  It’s one of few things in the move from Germany back to the U.S. that wasn’t broken or missing.  We didn’t have much as it was since our apartment there was furnished.  Dishes were broke.  Little things were missing. 

My car made it back all in one piece and still ran when it got on U.S. soil.  They don’t deliver vehicles to where you live.  You have to rent a car to go pick your vehicle up or you have to arrange a ride.  Depending on where you’re stationed and where you vehicle comes in, this can be quite the task.  For us, we just had to get from Georgia to South Carolina.  Boy, was I glad to get my car back and it didn’t even have a scratch on it!!

The move from Georgia to Oklahoma was interesting.  It was going to take our household goods quite some time to get here.  So, we loaded up my car and The Man’s car with everything we thought we’d need.  It took us 2 days to get here because we stopped over night.  We almost lost each other a couple times in Atlanta.  What a mess!!  By the time we got to OKC, his car was constantly overheating.  We’d stop under and overpass and add water to it.  I finally told him that I’d drive his car the rest of the way.  I always picked on him by telling him that his car likes me more than him!!  So drove it I did and we made it “home”.  We stayed in the same hotel that I stayed in when he graduated from Basic Training.  Just a couple rooms down, in fact.  Then the search for a house was on.  

We found an adorable little 2 bedroom in and older neighborhood.  The price was right and it was owned by a military family.  We thought we had it made!!  We set up house and finally all our belongings arrived.  What a mess!!  We had so many little things that were broke.  We had more missing things.  By the time we were settled, he was off to Korea.

We’ve never filed a claim for what’s missing or broken.  We started the process every time.  However, they make sure it’s not worth filling out all the piles of paperwork.  By the time you do the pile of paperwork and they take depreciation, you don’t get anything.  We figured we could make-up what we lost.

We’ve never moved ourselves either.  There’s many that do, but it’s not a choice for us.  It’s nice having someone come in and pack it all for you.  There’s no hassled.  You just make sure it’s all inventoried and count the boxes.  Even if you pack your own, things still get broken.  Supposedly, you can make money by moving yourself, but still not a choice for us.

Things went desperately wrong in our cute little house.  Not totally though.  That’s where K was made!!  HAHA  We started off renting the house that we now own.  This house was our blessing.  We went to the housing office and they had nothing!!  The lady knew a man that rented houses and liked to work with people.  He offered us a killer deal on the rent and we moved in, just a couple months pregnant.  He offered us another deal we couldn’t refuse when he wanted to sell it.  So now, it’s been the only home that Miss K has ever known and we can always say that we’re “home”!!

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4 Responses to Army Life: Moving

  1. Laura

    Every time we have moved, we have done it. Yep, every time! From Florida to MD, from MD to Alabama, Alabama back to MD. I will only move if I do it myself and it’s really not bad. I just break down one room and start packing boxes and putting them in there. We rent a U-Haul and a trailer for a car and we haven’t broken any thing. 🙂

  2. Debbie

    I hate moving. Having someone come in and pack up for you sounds like a deal. But then I’d wonder if they stole anything. LOL

    Question: What is an unaccompanied tour? I’m thinking literal here and that hubby went all alone to Korea and I know that can’t be right.

  3. Elaine

    I’m not a packer, Laura!! It takes me forever to get it unpacked. Especially with all the stuff we have now, I’d never do it!!

    I don’t know anyone that’s had a huge problem with things “missing”, Debbie. Considering it goes against the moving company, they can’t afford to lose the government business with bad reports.

    Unaccompanied is just that….he goes alone. There’s certain places family can’t go and Korea is one of them. He’s gone there twice. Germany is a 3 year tour accompanied or 2 years unaccompanied.

  4. Lashan

    I am deeply sorry for how you feel, I honestly did not write that blog. Why would I show such disrespect to someone I don’t even know. I would not dare use that type of language. I appreciated our debates on our different views. My mother would kill me if she knew that I showed this type of affection towards another human being. But thats what I call ignorance beyaond its measures. I really do have respect for you all as much respect that you all have given me. Now I can say that I do have Friends who looked at this page. And i believe I know who commented. I think I might have to have a talk with them. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean you have to go all out to show the worst character possible.

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