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Lurkers and Commenters – Horse’s Butt Award

Posted by on 6 November 2008

You lurkers know who you are.  You’re out there.  You’re reading blogs and not leaving comments.  Do you love the blog??  Do you hate the blog??  The blog owner wants to know.  They really do!!  We’re thrilled that you’re reading our blog.  We know many of you come back.  We’d like to hear from you to know why you come back.  Many of us have foreign visitors.  How did you find us??  What attracted you to our blog??  We can see in our stats that you’re out there, yet we never hear from you.  To our loyal unknown readers, please speak up!!

Then there’s our other readers.  The ones who do comment.  Those are our loyal readers that we know and love.  We truly enjoy our commenter.  We know exactly where we stand with them.  We don’t always like their comments, but we know they’re our bloggy friends and we’re loyal.  No matter what, we look forward to these readers and their comments.

Then we have the other commenters.  The ones who only comment by being anonymous.  They hid behind their computer monitors knowing that we’ll never see them.  They can be mean, rude, unruly or all of those characteristics that being hidden online offer.  They don’t use their names.  They sure don’t use their real e-mail address or web site.  Why do they think it’s alright to come to someones personal blog and be rude??  Do they need the attention??  Do they have a life or are they just bored??  These are some of the answers that we may never know.  That is, unless one of them actually has the guts answer honestly right here.  After all, this is their chance.  They’d have to come out of hiding and admit they do it and tell us why they do it.

I’ve recently had one of those visitors to my blog.  It all started because i chose to state that I had voted and who my choice was.  That is my right.  It’s my blog.  I don’t ask anyone to agree with my choice.  It’s just that, my choice.  I even welcome you to speak (or in this case type) your opinion.  However, this particular commenter chose to basically call me names.  She didn’t come just once, but she came back repeatedly.  Nothing she had to say was nice.  I don’t even think she understands just how bad (and ignorant) she sounded.  Mind you, she’s not ignorant because she voted for the opposite candidate that I did.  She is because it was her way or no way.  Because of how she treated me….a person she doesn’t even know.  She chose to hide behind her computer.  She made sure there was no way to go to her blog or anything else to “repay” her.  Just totally inappropriate behavior.  However, the best part of it is that Laura has nominated me and the incident with that commenter for her Hot Sauce Moment Award.  Check out my nomination and soon she’ll be voting on it.  I hope you all participate.

On the subject of awards and annoying commenters, I’ve created a new award.  It’s the “Horse’s Butt Award”.  This is for those people who live up to the name of the award.  It’s for the people that leave nasty comments or hide by being anonymous.  It’s for the drama queen who just can’t live without attention.  It’s for the one who annoys you most.  This is for anyone that you think fits the title and has earned the “Horse’s Butt Award”!!


This first “Horse’s Butt Award” is given to keayres.  She’s earned it for her bad behavior and just plain rude comments.  Keayres, this first award is for you!!

If you’d like to nominate someone for this award, please just let me know and I’ll be happy to award it to them.  Or perhaps, we can vote on the recipients, like Laura does with her “Hot Sauce Moment Award”.  Please, just notify me if you have a nomination or want to use the award and be sure to link back to me!!

5 Responses to Lurkers and Commenters – Horse’s Butt Award

  1. Laura

    I know some relatives I would like to give this award to. LOL!

  2. Tammy Warren

    Hahahahah….this is too funny. I guess I missed all of the action. I have been so busy that I have missed 7 days of action. I will “nose around a bit” and see if I can find something.

    Don’t feel bad Elaine. I have heard that this is happening a great deal lately.

    Love the picture and the award.

  3. Debbie

    Ohhhh keayres….come out come out wherever you are. Accept this award…with class.

    Good one Elaine! 🙂

  4. Elaine

    LOL Laura, I think we all do!!

    I know you’re busy, Tammy. It’s alright because I know you’ll visit when you have time. I guess you did miss the action though. She’s not worth taking the time though!! You’re right, it is happening more and more.

    Debbie, she won’t come out. She’s been back to that same post, but that’s it. She’s still accusing me of being prejudice. Glad you like it!!

  5. Edward

    Politics can get really nasty, enough said.

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