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My Election Decision

Posted by on 30 October 2008

I’ve tried to be open-minded when it comes to this election.  I’ve never chosen a party….ever.  In every single election, I vote by the candidate, not the party.  I’ve voted Democratic and Republican.  Never have I voted a strait ticket.  That’s not what our system was set up for.  I swore that from beginning to end, I was going to listen to both sides and make the best choice possible.  I’ve stated before that this election has tested me and made me wonder.  Several things have irritated me.  I remained objective and refused to bring too much of it to my blog.  I didn’t want to lose possible friendships or turn people away from my blog.  But we’re all adults, have opinions and have the right to vote.  So now, my silence is ending.  I’ve had enough and I’m making it very clear that I’m voting for McCain/Palin and I’m proud to say it.

I can give so many reasons why I’ve made this choice.  Some may agree….some may disagree.  However, this is a vote that I believe is best for my family and for me.  I’ll try to give you a few of my reasons.  Some will be major and others won’t. 

1.  The liberal media – I’m so tired of Obama being pushed down my throat.  I’m tired of McCain and Palin being torn down and apart.  There has been NOTHING unbiased about the reporting by the major newspapers or networks.  The questions asked of Obama have never been as in-depth or twisted as the ones thrown at McCain and Palin.  The list for the media can go on and on.

2.  Sarah Palin – I like her!!  She’s smart, a family lady and she can hold her own.  She laughs at herself.  No matter what’s been said and done to her and her family since this process began, she’s held her head high and stood her ground.  Someone has gone to great lengths to make sure that this investigation in Alaska happened before the election so she’d look bad.  It didn’t work with me though.  I know that a Democrat was in charge of the investigation and don’t tell me that had nothing to do with the results. 

3.  John McCain – He’s a survivor.  There’s nobody else running that can survive what he has.  He’s strong and he stands by what he believes in.  I’ve read report after report and it’s been proven that the things he wants to bring to the White House can work.  I don’t care about his age, my dad is the same age and I know what my dad can do.  I believe McCain can achieve even more if given the chance.

4.  Democrats – The Democrats wanted and begged to be elected and they were.  2 years ago in fact.  Still, with control of Congress for that long, they’ve managed to achieve NOTHING that will help the American people.  Nancy Pelosi is reason enough not to appreciate the Democrats.  Let’s face it, Congress has more power in this country than the President does.  Nothing happens unless they approve….or disapprove it.  No matter what anyone says, they’re responsible for the condition of this country, not just the President.  Our economy happened on their watch and let’s not forget their pay raise!!

5.  Barack Obama – I can see right through him.  He’s suave and a sweet talker.  He says whatever he thinks the people want to hear.  I’ve heard him flipflop on the issues more than a fish out of water.  It’s sickening.  He’s got deep pockets.  He’s been bought and paid for.  Look at the campaign funds alone.  Do you think you or I gave him that money??  NO….big business and corruption did.  I don’t like who he associates with.  I’ll leave names out, but we know they’re his friends and he’s defended them and their actions.  As a lawyer, he protected the worst of the worst.  Another list of reasons that could go on and on.

6.  Experience – They say Sarah Palin isn’t qualified to take over in the case of John McCain’s death.  Excuse me??  She’s a governor of Alaska.  Have the Democrats forgotten that they elected the governor of Arkansas (a poor state) as President.  Come on!!  On top of that, they Clinton’s abandoned Arkansas and moved to New York so that Hillary could go for the White House herself.  Let’s not forget that Jimmy Carter was a governor prior to the White House as well as Woodrow Wilson and FDR too.  If she can run a state and keep it running, she can handle the job of VP and President if needed.  Obama hasn’t run a state or anything else, except his mouth….literally.  Look at his district in IL and what happened there and see if that’s the experience we need as President.  McCain’s experience speaks for itself!!

7.  Joe Biden – I’m sorry, but he’s an idiot.  He’s allowed to spew all kinds of stuff and nobody thinks any of it.  You constantly hear the new saying “he’s just being Joe Biden”.  Well if that’s Joe, then I don’t want him any closer to the Oval Office than he is.  He’s said this country will face challenges with Obama as president, but that was just another comment.  You can cover up what he’s said if you read it indepth.  There’s more, but that’s enough said for now.

I have other personal reasons like Obama says homeschool is alright as long as the federal government controls it.  We already know what a mess they make of the educational system.  They don’t need to be in my house more than they are telling how and what to do.  We’re about to be retired military.  We dont’ need any more benefits cut.  We don’t need a person in office that doesn’t believe in the troops and what they do.  We don’t need someone who thinks that we spend too much on the men and women who sacrifice everything to protect this country.  My parents are retired and I watch them struggle.  They shouldn’t be.  They should be happy and comfortable.  That’s the plan they had when dad retired and they were ready for it, but not any more.  Medical care is killing many right now and McCain wanting to open up state borders to get coverage is a good idea.  It makes competition.  If there’s competition, then some of these crappy companies that people are forced to use are going to have to step up or lose business.  Maybe big business doesn’t need any more tax cuts, but I can understand a plan to give then a break if they bring jobs back to the United States.  If they’re not given a reason to bring jobs back, we’ll never get them back and lose even more to countries that offer lower wages and breaks for hiring their people.

So now I’ve spoken my piece.  I hope you can understand and respect what I’ve said.  If you don’t agree with me and want to comment, that’s fine.  But keep it civil.  This is my family blog and we’re all entitled to our opinions.  I won’t argue with you, bash you or anything else and I expect the same in return.  I’m guessing that if you didn’t like my choice of candidate though, you probably didn’t take the time to read this far, but I hope you did.

My vote is in.  We vote by mail and I’ve never missed an election since I was old enough to cast a vote on my first ballot.  I’ve been wrong and right in my choices.  This just happens to be my choice this time.

25 Responses to My Election Decision

  1. Jennifer

    Nice Blog! 🙂 And, you are voting McCain/Palin too I see!

  2. Elaine

    Thank you, Jennifer!! Yes, I am. It was time to send in the ballot and I made my decision final. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Debbie

    Well, let’s see. Nope. No fire coming out of my ears. LOL

    I have many of the same reasons for voting McCain/Palin. I’ll throw in a bit of controversy here myself and add that which side of the fence you stand on on abortion makes a BIG difference to me. Hello, 5 kids!

  4. Elaine

    LOL Didn’t figure there would be, Debbie!! You’re right….abortion is a HUGE issue. I only have one and I’m totally pro-life. We’ve talked many times about adoption, but it’s very hard and I’m sorry to say one of the main reasons is that the option is there to, well, I won’t get nasty. You know though.

  5. keayres

    You all just don’t want a black president. And speaking of abortions, he is not saying everyone should get one but should have that choice. You all don’t want people to have that choice just cause you want everyone in this country to think like you; well guess what they don’t!!! And for those who think someone is pushing OBAMA down their throats thats because you are afraid of the fact that a black man is GOING TO BE PRESIDENT OF TH US. And you just don’t know how to deal with that fact. But i’m glad that you participating in history.

  6. keayres

    And if McCain do get into office it’s because they rigged it just like they did with the bush election.

  7. keayres

    WHO doesn’t believe in the troops….We don’t believe in the on going war for nothing. This war is for nothing, And I must say I’m damn proud of the people who serve and protect my country.

  8. Elaine

    keayres, I must tell you that to come here and spew that I don’t want a black for president is quite, well ignorant. I’m far from a prejudice person. In fact, my daughters Godmother is black and I’m proud and honored that she’s my best friend. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to apologize because I know you won’t. Considering you don’t know me, that was a pretty ignorant and in fact stupid comment to make.

    The media has pushed Obama down our throats and they’re even starting to take notice of it. CNN’s Lou Dobbs had a poll asking if America’s media has lost it’s objectivity during this campaign and the results are that 88% say YES!! So coming from CNN, don’t tell me that it’s not true.

    You don’t believe in our troops if you don’t believe in what they’re doing. I can tell you that we ARE those troops and so are our friends and we all very much belive in what we’re doing and where we’re doing it. The only thing that’s wearing us down is how often the deployments are happening and we owe that to another Democrat, Bill Clinton. He’s the one that cut our size, thus putting more pressure on the ones being roatated.

    Now, if you have any other comments that I can put an end to, please feel free to post them. And before you make comments about people and their views that you don’t know, perhaps you should refrain or put some thought into it. Thanks for your comment!!

  9. keayres

    Never did I call you prejudice. And from what I see both OBAMA and McCain is being pushed down everyones throat. I feel that you all feel as though OBAMA is being pushed down you alls throat the most because everyone more than some of you expected is rooting for him. CNN another part of the media. Just cause it is CNN saying this does not mean its all meanfully true. Their just like the campaign ads. And I guess you believe also in not lowering taxes for middle class but for the wealthy. Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents we ever had and you know it. Why wouldn’t I believe in the troops when I have numerous of family members serving our country. OH thats another point I want to bring up. “OUR” country. REPUBLICANS don’t use that word very much. They don’t want to share “OUR” country with democrats. And as for the war, we are not even fighting for any cause anymore we never really was. Just another everday life going on over there. Trying to make a country have AMERICAN values and build them up when they can’t even build “OUR” own country. It’s like gang wars another innocent victim getting killed. Why? well since you all don’t get it. they don’t want us over there trying to take over their country and that is exactly what BUSH is trying to do.. Really how stupid do people think we are. Wait you are one of them so why am I asking you. And for the record it’s not being ignorant, its called stating my opinion that you obviously don’t approve of.

    Have A Blessed And Productive Day,

    p.s make sure you vote for who ever you like. I want judge you cause everyone is intitled to their own views and opinions. I will love you regardless.

  10. Elaine

    keayres, you did call me prejudice. You told me that I just didn’t want a black man for president. That’s the exact same thing as telling me I’m prejudice, no matter how you try to spin it. If that’s not what you were saying, you would have never mentioned it. Totally 2-faced!! As far as that poll being on CNN, yes they’re the media, but they’ve been one of the networks to push Obama so hard. So for them to have this poll and show those kinds of results, it speaks volumes!! Bill Clinton was NOT one of the best presidents we’ve ever had and I DO KNOW THAT!! He had a chance to get Bin Laden and turned his back. He was too busy getting bj’s under the desk to care what was happening to this country. He did nothing to help us while he was in in office. This is OUR country, whatever you mean by that. And appearently you don’t read well, but I stated that I’m NOT a Republican or a Democrat. I’m sure that’s something you can’t understand since all you see is blue (Democrat). I’ve never declared a party and I’ve never voted for just one party. I’ve only ever voted by the candidate, which is what everyone is supposed to do. You obviously don’t have anyone in the military or you would know that we are fighting for something over there. I refuse to debate that with you because it’s something you’ll never understand. However, we ARE a military family and all of our friends are too. We know what we’re doing and we believe in it. I’m sorry for you if you don’t get that. However, if Obama happens to be elected, all our men and women will have died for nothing because of people like you and Obama. You’re entitled to whatever opinion you want. I never said you weren’t. You’re the one that came to my blog and made accusations about me. If you don’t like my response, that’s too bad. However, it is my blog and I’m entitled to my opinion too. You’re like so many others, you don’t like it when people don’t agree with your opinion and can come back with as many comments and facts to meet yours. You tell me to have a blessed day?? That would mean that you’re a Christian, yet you’re backing a man that thinks abortion is alright. Murder isn’t a choice….life is!!

    I did vote for who I liked. My ballot was in last week and will be counted.

  11. keayres

    ha ha ha YOU KNOW IT REALLY DOESN”T MATTER because evidently him being pushed so hard made him president. NO if he didn’t win us african americans would have been in the same position we been in since the civil rights movement. And I never declared any party either, oh what ever I don’t care what you think anymore. And please tell me what makes BUSH such a great president since you talk of someone turning their backs, how bout backs being turned on the katrina victims??? I bet you were one of them …….AND AGAIN WE ARE FIGHTING FOR NOTHING!!!! But it is great to say that history was made NOVEMBER 4th, 2008….What do you think?? LMFAO!!!!

  12. keayres

    AND no i don’t think that abortion is alright but I do believe that people should have A choice for what they want to do in life. You have choices don’t you? What if you didn’t have A choice for something that you were for? how would you feel. If you did not have the choice to disagree with abortions how would you feel? If you didn’t have the choice for whether you wanted to get your tubes tied or not how would you feel? If you did not have the choice to choose how many children you can have, if you were limited to the number of children you can have how would you feel?

  13. Laura

    All we need is some popcorn. 🙂

  14. keayres

    ELAINE, where are you?? Are you finished with your opinions since the election didn/t go as you would have liked? HUH ? And you know it’s A damn shame that now that this election had something to do with an African American no one is really allowed to talk about the winnings? My mother told me that at her job their not allowed to talk of the presidential election, we can’t talk about history now?? But any other elections that past they were allowed to talk on it. Everyone expressed their felingss when BUSH was elected. Shit everyone who voted for him was illuminated. Now were not allowed to be illuminated baout our black president. What is this going to be one of the facts of history that want be in our generations to come text books. Cause you and I know the government only have them teach what they want us to know.

  15. Elaine

    LOL It is could almost be a comedy scene, Laura and Tammy, if it wasn’t so scary that she actully believes it. She spews it long and deep!! Do you think she wears boots?? HAHA

  16. Debbie

    Oh for crying out loud. I didn’t know she came back.

    Your man won honey. Be happy and stop complaining. Were you born in America? If you were, you’re American. Yes, I know that’s not “politically” correct.

    Elaine, I’m not coming to your blog anymore. I get ticked off. Just kidding, just kidding. 🙂

  17. OBAMA 08'

    Elaine and Debbie. Both of U whores are very Biases. All keayres is doing is stating how she took ur opinions and states the facts from a black perspective. U cannot even respect that with all of ur smart ass response comments. And my opinion is that U dirty ass bitches need to chill out and fall back. Ya’ll just hating, ignoring ass bitches. How about U both go shove a black dick down ur throats and die……


  18. Elaine

    OBAMA 08′ – Just so you know, it’s ’08. Now, you’re not hiding yourself very well. I can tell that you and keayres are one in the same. You see, WordPress has this amazing way of keeping track of who’s who in the blog world. For example, I can tell that you get on the computer at the University of Kentucky.

    Second of all, OBAMA 08’/keayres, your language and bahavior have proven just how ignorant and literally stupid you are. YOU and others like you are the reason that people still hold the feelings that they have even today. You can’t even handle yourself in a respectful way when someone disagrees with you. YOU give other peole a bad name. YOU are sick….period!!

    Don’t come to someone’s blog and accuse them of being prejudice when you don’t know them. I don’t care what a person’s skin color is. My best friend is black and I take care of a boy who’s mother is Philippean. People like YOU are the worst because you accuse others of what you’re guilty of yourself….being prejudice.

    I have no problems answering to God for who I am or how I treat people. I’m quite sure you can’t say the same. If you were proud of yourself, you wouldn’t hide behind a computer and insult and pass judgement on someone that you don’t even know.

    P.S. While you’re up there in college, you might want to learn how to spell and proper grammar. You might also want to get your facts strait. Then and only then, someone might actually care and pay attention to what you have to say.

    P.S.S. I’m leaving all your comments posted. I won’t delete them. I want this as proof as to the type of person that you are. Remember, you’re the one that lowered yourself and got nasty. I was civil and uninsulting until the end.

  19. Debbie

    I think I’ll “chill out and fall back” now. The rest of that spewing was just sick and disgusting. See ya Keayres. Have a great life.

  20. anonymous

    I apologize on that persons behalf. That is not in my character. I would never degrade myself to use that type of language with the people I enjoy talking/ debating with. I respect you all, and your opinions. I should have never let my friend onto this blog cause evidently he doesn’t know how to display good character let alone sportsmanship. I hope you all understand that I will never disrespect my peers in any way. I will pray for him. And I agree he basically just gave people the reason to keep o thinking the same way they have been on young people. I don’t want to be viewed as that. By the way this is KeAyres Webster

  21. Rebecca

    I wonder if she or he (whatever) realizes that with that last post saying to shove it down your throat and die and with the IP tracking from WP you can actually take that to the authorities as a threat and have the person arrested.

    I didn’t realize what was going on here as I haven’t been on in a while, but you definitely had some major hot sauce going..geesh!

    You know, I didn’t vote for Obama either. I can’t vote for someone who blatantly lied to the American people, who has absolutely no respect for human life, and who would insult our troops the way he has on numerous occasions. I also won’t vote for someone whose tax plan is going to put my Husband’s company out of business (and it will), who believes the gov’t knows more about how to educate my children than I do (and he does) and who wants to take what my family has worked hard for and give it to people who would rather sit on their butts doing nothing.

    Does that make me a racist or prejudice? No, it does not. It makes me a hard working American citizen who is exercising her voice and sharing her opinions.

    Sadly, what this “OBAMA 08′/keayres” person has done is taken Obama’s message of change and shown us exactly why we don’t want that change – because if the Obama plan for change brings about what this person is pedaling here on your blog then I don’t want any part of it. But let’s be real, I would like to believe that if Obama himself were shown what this person wrote here he would indeed be ashamed to have them as a supporter – any human with decency would.

    God bless you, Elaine. You have shown dignity and class in your replies.

  22. d byrd

    Hello everyone this is keayres. I will apologize on that persons behalf, but I did not write that comment. I respect you all as decision makers; my mother would kill me if I dare talk to my elders that way. Here is the situation, I let my friend read the blogs on this page. He said that he wanted to get into it. Me saying yes, I figured he would be willing to debate on different issues with you all like I have been doing. Unfortunately his ignorant ways took it to a whole different level. A level that I have not portayed since I been blogging. I have respect for people with great itellegience and I and appauled that my friend showed such disrespect, especially to the ladies. Not knowing that he used my email, nnow its all falling back on me because of his indecency. He gave people all the more reason to think tha way they think about young people of america. And not only the young but the African american culture. We were having such great spews and I apologize again for his immature gestures and comments. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  23. d byrd

    Elaine and Debbie I am more apologetic to the both of you. I hope you understand that I would never disrespect you. As for Elaine, i really enjoyed spewing with you. I admire A lady with itelligence. Unlike the women that i’m use to seeing everyday. I wish it were more women out there with the urge to learn and willing to go head on with other people about different views. I actually was learning on this blogging site. This was actually helping me, because my major is jornalism and writing is what I like to do. And I really love A good debate. Well I apologize for my friends actions. And I see that my email is blocked for blogging so I used one of my friends emails to let you all know how I felt about the situation. I hope you all don’t mind.

  24. dbyrd

    And you guys, My dear friend has this issue where he seems to think that the world revolves around him. He wrote me on facebook to let me now how mad he was at me for apologizing to you all for his ignorant comments. But as you can see people aren’t as respectful when they have issues amongst their selves that needs to be dealt with before entering the real world. I also told other friends of mine what he had done, And from everyone else response they said I did the right thing.

    I told him that he can not talk nor say things to people any way he wants. And that sometimes he has to look at things from others perspectives and not just say to hell with others and their feelings. Well one day he will learn, I hope. Well I’m still apologizing. My feelings are hurt. And I thought I had a better friend than that….

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