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Daily Archives: 25 October 2008


Lean Green has had a bit of a rough week.  He had night fire and had to stay in the field on Thursday.  That means he went without sleep and it was a very cold night with no heat in the tents.  Then Friday, he had an appointment for his sleep apnea, went back to work and had to pull duty.  He usually stays up all night, but he just couldn’t do it.  He posted 2 guards and took and hour nap.  He said that really helped.  I figured by the time he got home this morning, that he’d drop.  Fortunately, K and I were up late last night, so we slept in.  I mean we really slept in!!  This gave the Man a chance to sleep too. 

Because of that rest, he was able to hang with us all day.  One of K’s friends came over just after lunch.  We all went out to eat and ran a couple of errands.  Then we came home and the girls played and played.  Nothing like tween girls in the house!!  While they were playing, hubby got out a model he’s been working on off and on.  He wants to try to paint it if he can.  It’s his hobby and he loves it.  He’s passionate it about.  He can make any model look better than the real thing.  Only problem is, I have cars, tanks and airplanes all over my house!!

The Man is off tomorrow.  We have piles, and I mean piles, of clean laundry to get put away.  He has to look at my car and check out the plugs.  He also has to wash my car.  He has to figure out when he’s going to pull the last 2 windows and insulate around them.  Temps are already coming down and it has to get done.  There’s just never enough hours in the day.  So much to do for him, but so little time. 

The strangest part about today was that when we got back from our second errand, we found a note under one of the statues on my porch.  It looked like it was just a photocopy of someones handwriting and it said “baited cat trap….backyard.  They are sending the cats to the pound!”.  I’m not quite sure why this note was left, but we’re absolutely thrilled!!  We were about to call the city ourselves and ask for them to bring us a trap.  Our neighbor has approximately 8 cats, but it’s usually more.  They’re not registered with the city and we have a 3 pet law here.  She doesn’t get them fixed, which is required as well.  So, she leaves them run then there’s kittens from h*ll running around until they day or wonder off for good.  They seem to love our yard the most.  They’ve dug up every flower bed that I have.  They’ve crapped in my flower pots on my porch.  They dug up my herb garden.  They climb our tree and walk around on our room.  They sleep on our window ledges.  They bring flees and disease to my yard where I keep my 2 dogs inside a fence.  My dogs are registered and are inside the house, unless they potty.  Oh, and the best part, the cats have gotten so brave that they sleep on my swing in the back yard and when we let the dogs out, they will literally jump the dogs and attack them.  Now mind you, my dog is smaller than most of her cats.  So it won’t be any skin off my nose if every single one of those nasty cats is taken away.  And I’ll be happy!!  I have very little to no respect for cat owners.  There’s too many that think they live above the rules.  They don’t register them.  They let them roam free and they let them destroy other people’s property.  Let me do that with my dogs and watch how quick they’re snatched up!!  Oh I know there’s responsible cat owners out there.  I even know a couple of them.  They have my respect, but most don’t.  Anyway, the next step with the neighbor lady will be to have her dogs taken away.  They’ve been moved to the backyard, which hasn’t been mowed in a year.  It stinks and it’s full of bugs.  Those dogs deserve better.  They’re actually pretty cute and would just love to have some attention.  Have I mentioned that when we go outside, we can smell cat piss and cigarette smoke oozing out of her house??  Yes, it’s that bad!!

Well, with that wonderful though, I’m off!!  It’s time to tuck the old man in!! 

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