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Presidents and Election Lesson

Posted by on 24 October 2008

We’ve started our new book, Hoot, so we did a short lesson on Florida.  That’s where this book takes place.  When we’re finished reading the book, we’ll watch the movie.  However, Florida isn’t the main topic in Social Studies right now.  This is the perfect time to start a unit on our government. 


We’ll be spending about 4-6 weeks on government.  We’ll learn about the Constitution and the forefathers that wrote it.  Miss K will be expected to write a report on any president, except JFK.  She did him in 3rd grade!!  There will be lessons on our branches of government and how they work.  We’ll be starting out with the election though.  It might seem a little backwards to work this in first, but since it’s the main current event in the U.S. right now, we’re going to tackle it and learn all we can about the candidates, election process, political parties and so on.  

I’ll be sharing materials that I use in all these Social Studies lesson, but I want to start off with the election first.  I found some great materials and sites to use for the unit.  They will all be used with a workbook that I have.  Some of these sites and materials might have already been listed when I shared election lesson information previously.

There is a complete lapbook kit and there is a smaller lapbook that could be used alone or in conjunction with other items.  There’s is also an amazing 3-part election notebook to download.  There is a great lesson, “Winning the Vote”, from Smithsonian in the Classroom.  We’ll be filtering in a couple worksheets, election templates (scroll down), and activities.  I also found these lesson plans of all sorts and ages for the election and other government topics.  This is a great list of vocabulary, as well as these election vocabulary and printables.  There are some political freebies available.  Lots of president materials, freedom and Declaration of Independence.  I got some great sources and ideas and more vocabulary and lessons with just an easy Google search.  I even found a reading comprehension printable.  I even got 3 free election printables from here.  There’s a whole list of election lessons and more for Vote 2008.  I found tons of things for a complete unit study on elections.  There’s also a lapbook for the Constitution.  These are just a portion of the materials that we’ll be using for this lesson.  Much of it is tied together, but the majority of it focuses on the election process itself.  

One last thing I want to mention for lessons and materials is TFK.  I signed up over the summer to receive this in our Schoolhouse.  I’m really glad that I did.  We receive an issue each week and it covers all the latest event.  There’s even printables available online to enforce what’s in the magazine.  You can check out the Election Connection 2008 section, along with other areas.  TFK is a similar product to Weekly Reader, which is an excellent weekly kids magazine too.  However, I chose to go with TFK and have no regrets!!

Of course, to go along with any unit, there needs to be good resources.  Many of the lapbooks, printables and such come with a list of resources.  Some are books or other resources, but much of it can be found online.  I generally use what comes with the different lessons.  If I’m not totally happy, Google becomes my friend and I search a wide variety of terms to find just what I’m looking for in a resource.

Alright, I’m off to prepare my lesson for next week!!  Out….


6 Responses to Presidents and Election Lesson

  1. Laura

    Great post with lots of info! 🙂

  2. Elaine

    It’s going to be a pretty long an in-depth unit, so I needed good material. They teach kids so differently in school now. I knew about the branches when I was her age, but she’s barely touched on it.

  3. kathy in colorado

    You have shared some wonderful information here! I’m copying your post and perusing it for ourselves. We are also working on the election – I will share with you what we have as well. Our newspaper did some election lessons which we have been following by using the paper to do the worksheets and writings.

    I haven’t looked at all your links yet but I’ve looked at several and they are for our age group. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!

  4. Elaine

    Kathy, I’m very glad that you can use this. I’d love to see what you have as well. We did classification earlier and are doing biomes in science right now. I’m hoping to share some of that information as well. You know, I didn’t know that you homeschool. I think that’s great!! I try to share, but then I get so busy in a lesson that I often forget. Enjoy!!

  5. Debbie

    The TFK looks very interesting. Gobs of goodies you’ve shared too!

  6. Elaine

    TFK is very interesting. You can order it as well. It doesn’t cost much and is worth it. It’s written at their level on the things that they NEED to know about. I have lots of materials because this is such a long unit!!

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