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Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Surprise

Posted by on 15 October 2008


Alright, so this is “almost” Wordless Wednesday!!  Much to K’s surprise, we had found a sequel to her favorite game.  She was so shocked and absolutely loved it!!  I just love the hand on her mouth and sparkle in her eyes!!  It was actually a birthday full of surprises with some of the other gifts that she received.  It was a happy day indeed!!

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26 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Surprise

  1. The Right Blue

    There’s nothing better than getting something you really, really want for your birthday. :-}

  2. Pamela

    so, is she also a future animal doctor?

  3. Elaine

    Right Blue, you’re so right about that!! I only wish I was that young again so I could tear through the presents!!

    Yes Pamela, she does intend to be a vet. She’s got plenty of time to decide, but as of now, she’s leaning toward farm animals or the zoo. Only time will tell, but I hope she finds her dream!!

  4. Kailani

    I love seeing their faces when they get something they really wanted.

  5. kristenkj

    Surprises are the BEST!!! Hope she had a really happy birthday.

  6. Tiff@Three Peas

    My daughter loves that game too!! I love the look on her face!

  7. rebekah

    I love the expressions I get when I buy the perfect gift. Looks like you did a good job at gift buying

  8. romelettedj

    i love the expression. you were able to capture it through your shot.

    happy wednesday. hope you can visit my WW!


  9. trisha

    what a good mom you are!

    my ww

  10. Charlotte

    Happy WW!

  11. Jen

    Aww, gotta love those moments of pure delight! 🙂

    Happy WW!

  12. TheAngelForever

    What a great picture capturing the emotion of the moment. Happy WW!

  13. sheila

    Love it! Great caputure of the moment!

  14. KC

    Looks happy. Happy birthday and Happy WW

  15. susieshomemade

    That’s a great “surprise” face:-)

  16. SHerry

    I love those gifts that they don’t know what to say and in state of shock. How cool! 😀

  17. mom_of2boys

    Way to capture the moment! Happy WW!

  18. Halloween Doll Clothes Gal

    Great photo – Happy Birthday – hope she becomes a vet.
    Happy WW

  19. Amy

    Love the surprise. A magical WW to you.

  20. Elaine

    She looks so thrilled – I love it!

  21. Sweet Serendipity

    Priceless! What a great memory. Happy WW!

  22. Rona

    Congratulations birthday girl!

  23. Debbie

    Was this an unexpected one? I think this is how I felt when I woke up to a rocking chair (yes, old fart here) on Christmas morn when I was pregnant with my oldest. LOL

  24. Dawn

    What a great capture! Hope she had a fantastic birthday! 🙂

  25. Edward

    our city isn’t that big.

  26. Edward

    And I was shocked that Elaine found pet vet 2.

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