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Homeschool Progress

Posted by on 14 October 2008

It’s been very busy around the Schoolhouse.  We’re almost done with the first 9-weeks.  The report card will come out on Friday.  I must say, I’m thrilled with what I’m seeing so far in her grades.  We’ve had a couple tough subjects, but we made it through.  I completely believe that K has a much better understanding for some of her subjects now.

The one area where she lacked was in reading.  She had a goal of 30 “AR points” this month.  She waited until the last minute to get started on those points.  I wasn’t going to push her, but warned her a couple times that it DOES effect her grade.  Suddenly, she found herself in a panic.  Much to her credit, she’s gotten enough points to get a “B” in reading now.  She says she can handle that considering what she did to herself.  She’s already reading a book now that will count toward the next grading period.

We’ve done some really good lessons on classification in science.  I’ll be posting some materials and sharing some links related to that.  In social studies, we focused on pioneers, Louisiana Purchase and Lewis & Clark.  I have some great material that I found online to share about that too.  We’ll be tying up a few loose ends over the next couple of days.  I’ll be adding and reading to get grades completed.  Then, we’re off and running on our next 9-weeks!!

First up, we’re reading “Hoot” as our in-class book.  After we’re done, she gets to watch the movie and then do a compare and contrast between the book and movie.  I also got a free study guide to go with the movie that we’ll work on.  Social studies will be some geography and we’re going to do landforms as well.  This will tie in with science where we’ll start on habitats and the environment.

So there  you have a general idea of how the Schoolhouse is going.  I’m thrilled with what we’ve done and I’m proud of the work that Miss K has done.  I always knew that she was smart, but she truly keeps me on my toes.  She’s so easy to teach and always eager to learn.

2 Responses to Homeschool Progress

  1. Debbie

    Whewww!!! One down, 3 to go. Kudos Mom and Miss K!!

  2. Elaine

    Thanks Debbie!! We’re both pretty happy. Things are going well and I believe she’s really learning. She works hard!! I love doing this and I think it’s what we all need….I know and believe that more than ever.

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