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Daily Archives: 12 October 2008

Army Life: Germany – Tours and Travels


One of the best parts about being in Germany for 3 years was traveling.  The country is just beautiful.  There’s castles almost every place you go.  There’s lots of beautiful countryside.  The homes and stores are adorable.  There’s rivers and lakes so clear you can see all the way down to the bottom.

Some of the places that we saw were Heidelberg, Berchtesgaden, Trier, Mannheim, Munich, Wiesbaden, Karlshruhe and Rothenburg.  There were more, but those are just a few of them.  Many of the trips were inexpensive or even free.  The unit chaplain set them up.

We saw the castles of King Ludwig II.  A couple of them are Hohenschwangau, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein.  Each of them was so beautiful and unique.  They had gardens that were just glorious.  Neuschwanstein Castle is the one that the Sleeping Beauty castle was designed after for the Disney movie.

There’s so much history in Germany.  Everyplace you go is rich with it.  Dachau was one of the concentration camps.  The first one opened by the Germans.  It was fascinating, yet horrid to visit.  The entrance was covered in trees and crossed over a creek. 

We took a drive up the Rhine.  There’s castles on each side of the river.  There’s even one that we stopped at right in the middle of the Rhine.  The purpose of the castles was to collect taxes from those that traveled the river.

In Munich, we saw Olympic Park.  It was awesome!!  Trier is the oldest city.  It houses a Roman bath, Trier Cathedral and was home of Karl Marx.  Rothernburg is a city that is surrounded by a wall,  Cars are only allowed at certain times.  Everyone walks the old cobblestone streets.  Heidelburg has a castle, a famous bridge and is filled with history. 

After Lean Green returned from Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm, everyone was given trips down to Berchtesgaden.  We saw everything we could in just a couple days.  First on our list was all about the history of WW II.  We went up to the Eagle’s Nest and the hotel we stayed in were some headquarters.  They had bunkers right below us.  We saw the Koenig Sea (sp?).  It is so deep and clean.  We went in the salt mines.  We had to get in miners clothes and then ride a leather flap down this steep wood slide and it went deep into the ground.  

The list goes on.  That’s just a few of the spectacular sights.  There was also a trip to Austria.  I bought some beautiful crystal.  We went to the home of Mozart.  We spent days driving through the Alps.  It seems like we drove for days.  We went to Luxemburg and Switzerland.

We saw all this and more and we never even made it up to northern Germany.  We never had a chance to get to Berlin.  The Berlin Wall fell in 1990 while we were there.  I wish we wouldn’t have missed it, but at least we were there.  All of this was courtesy of a 3 year tour in Germany.  

I’ll have more adventures to tell you about military life in Germany.  There’s way too much to cover in just 2 posts.  If  you have any questions, post them in the comments and I’ll answer them in another Germany post.  I have tons of pictures, but they’re all in storage at my parents house.  One day when I get a chance on a visit to their house, I’ll dig them out and bring them home.  I’ll get them scanned and post them in one of my Army Life installments.

Next week will be Army Life:  Acronyms!! 

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